AP scores for students around the country were released last week, and when administrators reviewed Wahlert Catholic’s data, two things were apparent. 1) Wahlert’s spring virtual learning plan paid dividends in our students’ AP results, and 2) we have the first high school academic indicators demonstrating clear benefits of personalized learning.


When Iowa schools were directed to close their buildings this spring, Wahlert Catholic High School and all Holy Family schools were among the few electing to provide required continuous learning, as defined by the Iowa Department of Education. There is no question, students and educators nationwide have faced unprecedented challenges this year. So it is clear when comparing Wahlert Catholic’s AP data to state and global scores, our students had something good going for them.  Of the 305 AP tests taken at Wahlert this year, 80% of students earned passing scores of 3, 4, or 5. In other words, they will be eligible to receive college credit. To put this into perspective, Iowa and national pass rates on the same set of tests were 64% and 67%, respectively.


Not only do these scores represent the highest overall passing percentage at Wahlert in 10 years, but along the way, our teachers helped to build the Habits of Success and Cognitive Skills that will continue to support our students in life and learning for years to come. 


A well-deserved nod is due to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Holy Family’s K–12 Spanish immersion program. As a result of this program, 25 out of 25 AP Spanish Language test-takers earned scores eligible for college credit. Wahlert’s mean AP Spanish Language score was 4.04, compared to 3.51 and 3.86 mean scores in Iowa and the US, respectively.  In fact, not a single AP Spanish student has failed the Spanish Language exam in the past four years. In addition, 18 Wahlert Catholic students have earned the Iowa Seal of Biliteracy since its initial offering last year.  


A few other notable subjects include English Language Arts and English Literature, which each hit home runs this year with 88% (60 test-takers) and 100% pass rates, respectively. US History achieved an 82% passing rate, with half of the students scoring either a 4 or 5, and outpacing the state and national mean scores in strides. AP Statistics earned a respectable 73% passing rate, representing the highest average score for the subject in 5 years of testing.


We’re always proud of the dedication our students and teachers put forth, but we are especially proud of the story the scores tell this year because of the environment in which they were achieved.  Please join us in congratulating the students and teachers who worked hard for incredible results. You make us all proud!


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