A message of Love

The unjust death of George Floyd has again shed light on the persistent scourge of racial injustice dwelling in our society.  As a Catholic educational community, we have an obligation to our faith to uphold the Christian values of love and respect for all of God’s creation.


It is Holy Family Catholic Schools’ mission and ministry to form disciples of Jesus Christ through Catholic educational excellence. How can we be, and teach others to be, like Jesus? The answer is love.


Jesus Himself is the embodiment of God’s unconditional love for all humankind. As children of God, we are benefactors of His love; as Catholics, we are called to share it with our neighbors – but also with those who are strangers to us. We enact this calling through our commitment to the Catholic Social Teachings of our global Church. God’s love is shared in many ways:


  • In respect for life and the dignity of all people – from conception through natural death – and every day in between 
  • In solidarity with one another – as we are, and no matter who we are
  • Through care for God’s creation and every being that represents it
  • Through family, community, and participation – not as bystanders but engaged citizens
  • In offering preferential treatment for the poor and vulnerable – by meeting the immediate needs of our brothers and sisters and by creating systemic change
  • By supporting each other’s rights as people and embracing our responsibilities to one another
  • In recognizing the God-given gifts we all share through the dignity of work and the rights of all workers
  • In His plan for all of us


There is no room for intolerance or inequity amidst God’s love. It is our obligation to teach and model discipleship. And in the following ways, we are prepared to substantiate our commitment to this calling.


Holy Family is committed to social change:

  • By enhancing the diversity of our student body through purpose-driven student recruitment efforts
  • By welcoming and supporting students and families of all backgrounds with love and respect
  • By enhancing diversity among faculty and staff through purpose-driven employee recruitment, while supporting the professional growth of those who aspire to leadership
  • By enacting professional development for existing faculty and staff to support a greater acceptance and understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • By developing real-world educational opportunities for students to more fully understand human rights, civil rights and the history, stories, and experiences of diverse communities
  • By understanding, this statement is just the beginning


We humbly recognize the inherent privilege much of our community (often unknowingly) experiences and our need to study racial and socioeconomic disparities.  For this reason, Holy Family will establish a guiding coalition for social justice. We invite community members who are moved to support Holy Family in this important work to submit this form indicating their interest


This, however, is not the work of one coalition, alone. Please join us in committing to social change in our schools, community and world. And pray for all who have suffered injustice and oppression of any kind.