A reflection from a Holy Family mom:

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a few weeks ago, saying: “The Church is not empty; the Church has been deployed.” I have burrowed those words deep into my soul, as I have found myself asking: where is the Church when the physical building sits empty, music no longer fills the air, and public services are suspended?


Since the governor made the recommendation to close our schools, the Holy Family System has taken up this mighty charge. From the administration’s mission to “not go dark on our families;” to teachers reaching out and staying connected to their students via Zoom, ClassDojo, Seesaw, Google Classroom, and other platforms; or, the entire system (parents and students included) traveling uncharted paths together, offering encouragement and support, sharing laughter and tears, while holding each other in prayer – the Church has been deployed. During these tumultuous times when facts and figures, expectations and regulations, change by the minute, Holy Family is BEING the Church. It is helping our community Encounter Christ by being a visible presence of Him in the world.


I think in these quieter, isolating days, communities and families are also taking up the task. Perhaps families are rediscovering the importance of the domestic Church. Perhaps communities and neighborhoods feel more united, in spite of the social distance, because there is a greater emphasis on being empathetic, and showing care and concern for those most vulnerable. Perhaps, during this time, hearts are growing more grateful. There is a renewed understanding of the sacredness of family time, and lives are being recommitted to Christ and His Church.


So, in light of this reflection and the question, “how are we better because of all of this?”, it is my hope that because of all of this, we remember that the Church goes beyond the walls of a building. I hope that once we press play and life resumes with normalcy again, we will be stronger and we will remain committed to the many ways we BECAME the Church for one another. Because, after all, isn’t that what we are ultimately called to do?



Jill Harmon, Holy Family mom to seventh-grader Matthew at Mazzuchelli; fifth-grader Joshua and first-grader Emma, who were both at Resurrection this year. Jill is pictured above with her children and husband, Jason.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful reflection, Jill!