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August 2017 | Preparing for Kindergarten



What better time is there than Kindergarten to begin developing a lifelong love of learning? How can you help make that happen?  Starting kids out with their best foot forward on the path to a rewarding school experience is a great place to start!

Today’s kindergarteners come from many different backgrounds – various types of daycare settings; in-home care with parents or grandparents; pre-schooled and non-pre-schooled. Some are exposed to a lot of media, some are not.  However, in many cases, parents find themselves asking the question, “what can we do to make sure our child is ready for Kindergarten?”




August 2017 | 7 Things You Thought You Knew About Catholic Schools




Are you seeking a safe, nurturing school environment for your child this year, one that is dedicated to academic excellence, innovation and lifelong success? A Catholic school might be the answer.  


Before you start exploring your options, though, you should separate the facts from the misconceptions about Catholic school.




August 2017 | Preparing for Middle School



For incoming sixth-graders, making the leap from elementary to middle school is a big deal. The school might be bigger, there will be many new faces and the rigor of academics starts to ramp up. These things could be nerve-wracking for your budding middle schooler, but remember, those nerves can be partly attributed to excitement for new-found independence, the beginnings of new and wonderful relationships and all kinds of new opportunities to immerse themselves in student-life.   


We spoke to Doug Varley, Assistant Principal at Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School, to get the scoop on the most common concerns of incoming sixth-graders (and their parents) as well as his reassurances. Feeling prepared will stave off those dreaded, “I forgot to wear pants!” dreams.









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