Need-Based Tuition Assistance

Round One: School Tuition Organization

The School Tuition Organization, or STO, is Holy Family's primary source of tuition assistance. It provides grants for qualified students to attend non-public schools within the Archdiocese of Dubuque. The STO receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and allocates those funds to tuition grants for families based on their identified financial need. Once families complete an application for the new school year, it is confidentially reviewed by FACTS, and grants are announced in May.

Round Two: Reconsideration 

Once monies from the School Tuition Organization are distributed, families may reapply for additional aid if needed. Applications are reviewed by a special board of education subcommittee and your parish, and grants are fulfilled thanks to the support we receive from parish credits, parish grants and donations made to the Holy Family Sustaining Our Future Annual Fund. If your tuition assistance need was not met in round one with STO funds, please complete a Tuition Assistance Reconsideration Form. Please note that you must have a verified FACTS tuition assistance application prior to your Reconsideration Form being reviewed.

  • Parish Credits: The Wahlert Foundation has provided funds for more than 60 years to help parents with the cost of tuition. By Foundation regulations, the bulk of each annual grant provided by the Foundation is channeled to our supporting parishes for distribution to their parishioners.
  • Parish Grants: Many of our supporting parishes have funds from trusts and other sources available to assist their parishioners with tuition costs, with special consideration given to those who give of their time and talent to the parish and who attend Mass each weekend.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

To receive assistance from the School Tuition Organization or through the reconsideration process, families must first complete a FACTS Application.