Class Agent Handbook


Today there is a great deal of contact between Wahlert Catholic High School and its alumni. From Family Times Magazine, to social media posts, to periodic Annual Fund letters, alumni receive a lot of information from the school. However, as good as this communication may be, it can’t replace the personal touch of a fellow class member when writing a letter, or building interest in the next class reunion or encouraging classmates to volunteer. It is that personal nature of class agents that makes them a powerful, positive force.

The mission of the Class Agent Program at WCHS is to keep the alumni body in close, personal contact with the school, to increase alumni understanding of the current mission and values of the school, and to gain alumni support of and participation in the ongoing efforts of our great alma mater.

Why Serve as a Class Agent?

Class agents, as alumni leaders, positively impact the lives of current and future students, fellow alumni, and the WCHS community as a whole.

What Is the Role of a Class Agent?

Class agents act as class chairs for their respective classes during non-reunion years. As such, they are communicators and motivators for their classmates to become involved in activities and events at WCHS. Class agents are:

  • Communicators & Liaisons between the staff and their classmates. They inform their classmates on current issues at WCHS and provide feedback on classmates’ interests, concerns and news.
  • Motivators. Class agents works with their fellow classmates to identify ways for alumni to help support WCHS through volunteer initiatives in student recruitment and more.

In a class where more than one person volunteers to be class agent, responsibilities can be divided up. The Alumni Office staff is glad to assist in deciding how duties can most comfortably be distributed among multiple volunteers.


Class agents are, first and foremost, volunteers. They give of their time and talent to keep their fellow class members in touch with the school and each other.

Class agents for alumni classes, those replacing a departing agent, or those who are new in the role, will emerge as a result of a call for volunteers from WCHS and/or from the class itself.

Term of Service

There is no particular term of service for a class agent. Some may begin early after graduation, and then choose to pass the baton after a short time; still others can begin their service several decades after they have graduated.

Class agents who are consistently not performing their roles to the level of expectation may be asked to step down by the class or by the Alumni Office. This action will only be taken when all other attempts to help the agent or steward have been exhausted.

Class Agent Responsibilities & Rough Timeline

  • Send news of classmates to the Alumni Office for publication on the web site, social media and e-Newsletter. (Ongoing)
  • Coordinate with Alumni Office in sending cards for sickness, death or birth of a child (As needed)
  • Informing classmates on current issues at WCHS.(As needed)
  • Contact classmates to help publicize upcoming alumni events including reunions, meetings, networking events, special lectures, etc.(As needed)
  • Assist with reunion planning during anniversary year(s).(As needed)
  • Make a gift to the WCHS each year. Leadership by example is crucial, and greatly appreciated.(Optional)

Staff Responsibilities & Rough Timeline

  • Send class lists to class agents for cross-referencing purposes.(January & July)
  • Inform class agents about potential deadlines for publications for which alumni news is needed (i.e., class notes for the Family Times Magazine).(Quarterly)
  • Invite class agents as guests of the school to special events and volunteer receptions.(Ongoing)

Program Goals

  • Obtain more accurate alumni contact information, with emphasis on reconnecting with ‘lost’ alumni.
  • Improve communication among alumni.
  • Build synergy between WCHS and alumni.
  • Increase alumni giving and participation to the Wahlert Catholic High School.

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