COVID-19 Updates

The most up-to-date information and resources about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, can be found through these state and federal resources:

Important notes:

  • All Holy Family K-12 schools will be closed for the remainder of the year
  • The last day of virtual learning classes is June 2
  • Wahlert graduation is scheduled for Saturday June 20, or Saturday August 1 as a back-up.
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  • Our childcare centers remain open

Status of Programming and Facilities Chart

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COVID-19 Update | Friday, April 17, 2020 – Schools Closed for the Remainder of the Year

Dear families,

As you have likely heard, today Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Department of Education announced that schools will be closed for the remainder of the academic year. Although this eventuality has lingered in our minds, this is a hard day for us – as I’m sure it is for you – as we accept that we will not see your children in our classrooms again this year. Thankfully, through the virtues of technology, we will still see them in our virtual classrooms and continue to embrace the community aspects of virtual learning.

Allow me to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work that is happening in our new "home classrooms" throughout the system and to celebrate what has been accomplished in this short period: Every grade level PreK–12th-grade has embarked into virtual learning and is engaging with students; every member of our faculty and staff is doing all they can to meet the unique needs of families; and although our community is apart, I feel our bonds are stronger than ever as we navigate these uncharted waters together.

I extend my sincere gratitude to our outstanding teachers for their hard work and dedication to their students (they miss your children dearly!) And to our parishes for continuing to spiritually nourish us while they, too, are enduring the negative impact of the coronavirus. Please continue to support your parish both financially and in prayer.

I especially want to thank you, our parents, as you navigate countless challenges of this new reality. With your support and ongoing feedback, we will continue to hone and refine our virtual learning craft with each passing day. It isn't easy, but we’re in it together. Please lean on us for support.

God bless you and your children!

Phil Bormann
Chief Administrator

Ongoing Communications

Holy Family will continue to address any considerations that impact our entire student body. As a majority of updates are now school-specific, we will turn your attention to communication from your schools and teachers, through weekly newsletters and as-needed updates.

If you missed a message or would like to look back for something previously communicated, please see our archived list of messages below.


Activity and Event Cancellations and Schedule Changes

All system events and activities are under review for possible postponement and/or cancellation. We will provide a listing of event cancelations or schedule changes, which will be updated as decisions are made.

Please note: while school is closed, all extra-curricular activities will also be canceled.

Athletics Update | April 17: The Spring sports season has been canceled. The Summer sports season is still pending.


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