Early Childhood Rates

Effective June 3, 2019

Infant Age two Age three Ages four
& five
School-age (school year)
5 hrs/week
School-age  (Summer)
24 hrs/week
Full time
36+ hrs/week























Wrap-around care





(18+ hrs)
(18+ hrs)



Drop-in $8.75 $8.25 $6.80 $6.75 $6.50 $6.50
Breakfast $1.65  $1.65  $1.65  $1.65  $1.65   $1.65
Lunch  $2.65 $2.65 $2.65 $2.65 $2.65  $2.65



(Must be 3 years old before September 15, 2019)
Preschool classes follow the Holy Family school calendar.


Rate per month

3 hrs each day



3 hours each day


3 hours each day



(Must be 4 years old before Sept. 15, 2019)
Pre-K classes follow the Holy Family school calendar.
Pre-K is free to all Iowa 4-year-olds.
All out-of-state children and 5-year-olds will pay a monthly fee.



Monday – Friday
3 hours each day



Monday – Friday
5 hours each day

$228.00/ $533.00

Scheduling and Rate Policies

  • Schedules must be turned in before the close of business on Tuesday for the upcoming week. A late scheduling fee of $5 will be charged for schedules turned in after close of business on Tuesday through Friday of that week.  All schedule changes in the same week are drop in charge.
  • All non- scheduled hours will be charged at the drop-in rate. One half hour grace is given within in your schedule each day before drop-in rate is charged.
  • A minimum of one hour is charged each day when your child attends.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 is charged to each child when enrolling and on September 1st of each year thereafter. Maximum of $75.00 per family.
  • Wrap around care is for 3-5 yr. olds attending a preschool or Pre-K program.
  • All Preschool and Pre-K billing is done on the first of each month.
  • Direct payment is required of all families.
  • Weekly billing charges are completed by noon on each Monday for the previous week of service.
  • Each child that is enrolled in a program as full-time, part-time, or wrap-around child will be given vacation/sick/personal hours that equals the amount of weekly hours contracted for on the payment authorization form.
  • You will be billed for your minimum, scheduled or actual hours used whatever is greater each week. This includes all holiday week.
Contact Us

Coordinator: Joann O’Connell
Phone: (563) 582-1246 Open Year-Round
Fax: (563) 588-3960
Hours: 5:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.