Mazzuchelli Catholic Campus Ministry


Attending Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School is an extension of one’s connection to the primary faith communities of family and parish. Campus Ministry works in conjunction with parishes, parents, and staff to help students live out their Catholic faith through the four pillars of message, worship, community, and service. Campus Ministry helps each student to more fully understand God’s love through these four pillars.


The Campus Minister, in conjunction with the Religion teachers, coordinates religious activities for the school, assists staff and students in planning liturgies, and serves as a liaison to the local parishes. The Campus Minister also coordinates Mass planning with the Campus Chaplain.



Students have Religion class each day. In addition, gospel values are incorporated in all other subject areas. Campus Ministry supports the Religion curriculum through liturgical season enrichment resources.



School Masses are usually held twice per month. Prayer Services, Reconciliation, or other liturgical opportunities are also offered throughout the year. Campus Ministry assists staff and students in the planning of and preparation for these events.



Campus Ministry serves as a contact to the local parishes and other non-profit and/or religious organizations. The Campus Minister relays information to students about parish activities and coordinates visits from youth ministers, pastors, and other religious organizations.



Campus Ministry helps facilitate service as a way of life for students by posting opportunities for service in school, parishes, and the community. The Campus Minister also works with staff members on school-wide service projects and activities.


Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School and Wahlert Catholic High School share campus ministry services. Please visit the Wahlert Catholic Campus Ministry page for more information about Campus Ministry.