Mazzuchelli News

September 18, 2020

From the Principal: 

Today we held our first set of emergency drills for the year. We used a table-top style, which means that I explained guidelines and expectations over the PA to the entire student body and then every teacher in every class period reviewed those guidelines as they pertained to their particular classroom. In addition to fire evacuation and severe weather warnings, we also discussed potential intruder emergencies. In case of an intruder in the building, students need to understand the "run-hide-fight" philosophy rather than specific procedures because a situation like that would be unpredictable. We were careful not to overemphasize "what if" scenarios with students to avoid causing unnecessary anxiety. The important message communicated to students was that in the rare instance that there might be an intruder in the building, they have permission to do what they need to do to protect themselves with the primary option being to immediately run away from the situation. Student safety is always the highest priority!
God's blessings to everyone!
Doug Varley

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, September 25     School Picture Retakes

Friday, September 25     Eagles Pride Friday

Monday, October 5         Show Choir Begins

Friday, September 25     Eagles Pride Friday


Picture Retake

Siebe Studios will be here on Friday, September 25th for all students that either did not get their picture taken or that need to have their picture retaken.


Mazzuchelli Liturgies

Masses will be celebrated on Wednesdays on a rotating basis among Mazzuchelli's three grade levels over the course of five weeks. Wahlert will have Mass on the other two of those five weeks. Our first 8th Grade Liturgy was held on Sept. 16, the first 7th Grade Liturgy will be held Sept. 23, and the first 6th Grade Liturgy will be held Sept. 30. Unfortunately, no guests will be allowed to attend our Masses until further notice. Thank you for your prayerful support and understanding during this pandemic.


Yearbook Help

Your help would be greatly appreciated. With sports and other activities beginning soon. I could use your help with taking pictures of the different activities. When you do take some photos please email them to me for possible use in the yearbook.


Eagle Pride Fridays

Students may wear Wahlert/ Mazzuchelli/ Eagle t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other cover garments on Fridays.  All other dress code regulations apply.



Spring Musical
Hello! We are pleased to announce that this year's musical will be Annie Jr. to be performed at the Grand Opera House April 16, 17, and18! Parent meetings are scheduled for November 17 and 19 from 5:00-6:30 in the Mazzuchelli commons.  You and your student must attend one of the parent meetings if they would like to participate in the musical or be on stage crew.  (Crew need only to stay for the first half hour of the meeting).  If you and your student cannot make the meeting, please contact one of the directors and we will get the information out to you.   Audition dates will be December 14, 15, and 16 from 3:30-5:30, with  callbacks on December 17 if necessary..  If your student cannot make those times, please have them contact one of the directors to set up an audition.  We hope to see you there!
Sincerely, the directors,
Mr. Miller, Mr. Tebbe, and Ms. Timmerman
Show Choir
Show Choir will begin on Mon., Oct. 5, from 3:00-4:30. Interested 7th & 8th graders may obtain an information letter and contract from Mrs. Kirschbaum or Ms. Timmerman starting Mon., Sept. 28. The overall practice schedule is not yet available because the status of the competitions scheduled for January/February is still undetermined.
Student Council
Thanks to all the 7th and 8th graders that have applied for student council! We are hoping to hold elections prior to the end of next week. I met with all those that have applied to talk about the expectations and delivery of their speeches (this year those speeches will be pre-recorded). There will be five 7th grade representatives and five 8th Grade representatives. I look forward to elections and our new 2020-2021 MCMS Student Council Reps.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Dean.
Virtual Learners and Google Meets
Teachers and students who need to utilize virtual learning because of the pandemic are doing quite well. Here are some reminders for students regarding virtual etiquette while in Google Meets:
  • Please keep your camera on.
  • Use the chat feature on Google Meets only if instructed to communicate in that manner.
  • Be respectful of the schedule each day, connecting on time and remaining connected for the entire class unless excuses by the teacher. (Schedule changes will be posted on each grade's Google Classroom.)
  • Although you may not physically be sitting in the chairs, we expect that you are engaged and prepared as if you were with us in person.

We are also aware that there have been some issues joining classes through Google Meets. Here are some troubleshooting possibilities:

  • "My camera goes off when I switch tabs."
    • Instead of having multiple tabs open, students can "split the screen" having two Chrome windows open. This allows for different windows, while still following teacher requirements for attending with the camera on.
    • Close out of tabs that have ads, music or videos. Although they may not be currently playing, they are still using memory on your device, which limits the capability to keep the camera on.
  • "Google Meets says I can't join this meeting."
    • Please check to make sure that you are in the correct Classroom link.
    • Chromebooks are not built to run many programs at once. Be sure to close out of any streaming options that you have (Spotify, youtube, vimeo, etc.) even if they are not currently streaming. This allows for your computer to be able to open the video for Google Meet.
    • Do a complete shutdown of your computer and restart. Holy Family often does updates that will be sent out and can only load once your computer is restarted. 
  • "My teacher hasn't started the meet yet"
    • Please be aware that the teacher might be off-line for a couple minutes in between classes.
    • Check the schedule. Has it changed today?
    • If you are in a Specialist class, double check that you are entering the correct day's classes.

This is new to everyone and hiccups are to be expected. We ask for patience and guidance for our students and teachers as they travel through this new path.

Technology Information
If you are having trouble with accessing classes virtually, or with any hardware on your Chromebook, please complete a help ticket. You can find the form here. Please be sure to include a detailed explanation of what the problem is. You can find the Holy Family Tech Help form HERE.
Virtual Classrooms: If you are having trouble accessing a specific class or joining the Google Classroom and Google Meet, please contact the teacher directly.


If a student will be absent, late or leaving early, parents or guardians must call or email the school office at 563-582-5456 before 8:00 am. When sending an email please include Dawn Savary at and Kelly McDermott at . If the absence is planned in advance, the office should be notified with a telephone call, email or parent note with dates and reason for absence.