Mazzuchelli News

February 19, 2021

From the Principal: 

Conferences went well last night. We look forward to these positive and productive conversations continuing next Monday and Wednesday nights as well. Thanks to the Parent Association for providing meals to the teachers who hosted their conferences here in the building. We are all looking forward to in-person conferences next fall when everything returns to normal! Speaking of next year, the transition of Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Holy Family Central Campus is moving along well. Another tour of the facilities will be available at 1:00 this Sunday if you are curious to see the specifics of renovation and classroom relocation plans. Stay warm and stay safe!
Doug Varley

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, February 22     Parent/Teacher Online Conferences

Wednesday, February 24     Parent/Teacher Online Conferences

Thursday, February 25 & Friday, February 26     No School!

Wednesday, March 3     Last Day of Second Trimester

Thursday, March 4     Third Trimester Begins

Friday, March 5     Eagle Pride Friday



8th Grade and Wahlert Registration
In the coming weeks, 8th grade students will be preparing their High School Plan of Study regarding specific classes they want to pursue in high school, as well as identifying and scheduling the required courses for graduation. In addition to those plans, they are completing a version of the academic resume so that they can introduce themselves and parents to their new high school mentor.
Students are encouraged to speak with their parents about their desired courses. We will continue to complete these plans in guidance classes over the course of the next couple weeks.
If you have questions about this process, please contact the school counselor Kate Dean.
Mazzuchelli Winter MAP Scores -- Comparative Summary
6th Grade of 20-21:  223.3          7th Grade of 20-21:  225.1          8th Grade of 20-21:  230.0
6th Grade of 19-20:  220.1          7th Grade of 19-20:  224.7          8th Grade of 19-20:  230.8
National Norm:        213.1          National Norm:         216.5          National Norm:         220.0
6th Grade of 20-21:  228.9          7th Grade of 20-21:  233.1          8th Grade of 20-21:  240.2
6th Grade of 19-20:  227.1          7th Grade of 19-20:  235.9          8th Grade of 19-20:  239.3
National Norm:        218.4          National Norm:         223.1          National Norm:         227.4
6th Grade of 20-21:  216.3          7th Grade of 20-21:  217.5          8th Grade of 20-21:  222.2
National Norm:      206.6          National Norm:         208.9          National Norm:        211.9
Parent /Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher Conferences are designed for families to meet with the child's mentor and teachers to
discuss progress. Much of this information is already available via PowerSchool, the Summit platform,
and Google Classroom, so no significant surprises should be anticipated during Conferences.
Conferences this year will take place via Zoom.
Conferences will be held on:
Thursday, February 18      4:00-8:00 PM
Monday, February 22         4:00-8:00 PM
Wednesday, February 24   4:00-8:00 PM

Virtual Learning:

Virtual Learning Eligibility

The Holy Family School Board recently determined that students must be physically present in school in order to participate in after-school activities that day. This currently applies to Mazzuchelli students who are participating in Basketball, Show Choir, and the Musical.
Virtual Learning Option
Families who need to utilize the virtual learning option may do so on a day-to-day basis with a call or an email to the school office each day that they will be attending virtual learning. Please keep in mind that this option has been created for health reasons only. Students learn better when they are physically present in school so attendance is expected unless a family has health considerations. Students who need to attend virtually are expected to attend and fully engage in all classes unless their health prevents them from doing so.
Virtual Attendance Reminder

If a student is going to be participating in virtual learning, please be sure to let the office know each day that this will occur.


Daily Information:

Charged Computers

Please remind students to bring their computers to school each day already charged. There has been an increase in instances of uncharged computers this month and we don't have an excess number of cords and outlets available. Thanks for your help in encouraging student responsibility.



If a student will be absent, late or leaving early, parents or guardians must call or email the school office at 563-582-1198 before 8:00 am. When sending an email please include Dawn Savary at and Kelly McDermott at the absence is planned in advance, the office should be notified with a telephone call, email or parent note with dates and reason for absence.


Yearbook Help

Your help would be greatly appreciated. With sports and other activities beginning soon. I could use your help with taking pictures of the different activities. When you do take some photos please email them to me for possible use in the yearbook.


Eagle Pride Fridays

Students may wear Wahlert/ Mazzuchelli/ Eagle t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other cover garments on Fridays.  All other dress code regulations apply.  Apparel may be purchased through our Holy Family Website.