Over 500 million people worldwide speak Spanish, and it’s the fastest growing foreign language in the United States. With that in mind, it’s apparent that your child’s proficiency in Spanish will enhance their future opportunities and success.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a Spanish immersion program, which research shows is the best method for teaching a foreign language because it replicates the process infants use to learn language, but in a consistent classroom environment. As one of only two schools in the state administering this method, Our Lady of Guadalupe offers a truly extraordinary opportunity for your child.

How It Works

Students receive the same comprehensive, innovative, Christ-centered core curriculum taught throughout Holy Family, but the instruction is in Spanish, so students hear and use the language every day. English is gradually introduced and expanded in grades 2–5, so students master the written and spoken aspects of both languages before graduating from fifth grade. Also, with several native-speaking teachers on staff, your child will develop authentic pronunciation skills and insights into other cultures.

Students at Our Lady have the same opportunities as students at Holy Family’s traditional schools to participate in art, music, technology, physical education and religion, and because Our Lady shares a campus with St. Anthony Elementary, students benefit from cross sharing of activities, professional development and friends.

Benefits of Immersion

  • Three decades of research and experience shows that bilingual students outperform peers on standardized verbal and math tests administered in English.
  • Research confirms that immersion actually enhances a student’s English language development.
  • Researchers agree that the immersion learning process fosters students with greater creativity and adaptability; more honed listening, analytical and multi-tasking skills; and higher-level critical thinking skills.
  • The Center for Advanced Research and Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota found that students in immersion programs achieve higher levels of language proficiency than students in other school-based language programs.

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