Holy Family Catholic Schools works together with the Dubuque Community School District to adjust schedules and transportation in the event of severe weather or an unforeseen emergency. Once an unexpected change to the school schedule occurs, we will communicate the event via:

  • Power Announcement (phone, email, text)
  • The Holy Family website
  • Holy Family Facebook and Twitter pages


School Notification System

Power Announcement, Holy Family’s notification system, is used to notify families of delays, cancellations, early dismissals and other emergency situations. The notifications you receive (landline or cell phone call, email or text) come from the data you provide to Holy Family in PowerSchool. Please remember to update your PowerSchool account if your contact information changes.


Media Alerts

All weather-related or emergency schedule changes will also be announced via the Local Media.

The Dubuque Community School District will notify area media outlets of any weather-related school schedule changes for “Dubuque public and parochial schools”. Holy Family will follow these procedures for activities (i.e., practices, concerts, games, etc.) and may contact media outlets for specific notifications regarding Holy Family activities.

In the event of a Friday morning delay, Dubuque Community Schools would commonly be delayed for one hour, while Holy Family Catholic Schools would be delayed for two hours. Under this circumstance, Holy Family Catholic Schools will announce the schedule difference via local media, independently. 


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