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Lunch and Learn: Using 529 Plans to Pay K-12 Tuition

Join us for a Lunch and Learn at noon on Monday, Oct. 8, at Wahlert Catholic High School as Honkamp-Krueger partner Kevin Schmitt reviews the use of 529 plans for K-12 tuition. Learn about the recent changes in tax legislation related to 529 plans, the potential for tax savings when using these plans, and how 529 plans work. Kevin will also answer any questions you may have.

Because anyone can set up a 529 plan for an individual student, spread the word about this event to grandparents and godparents or others who may be interested in helping to pay a student's tuition.

To ensure we have adequate space for this event, please RSVP to Tessa Petsche at by Thursday, October 4.  See you on October 8!


Vote For Coach Julie Westercamp!

We're so proud to share the news that our beloved Coach “Westy” has made U.S. Cellular's top 50 Most Valuable Coaches! With your help, Wahlert Catholic Men's Tennis Coach, Julie Westercamp, has the chance to earn a prize for Wahlert Catholic High School ranging from $5,000-$50,000 +.  VOTE HERE:


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Elementary Student Athletics Pass

Elementary families – keep your eyes open for a one-time use child's athletics pass to be sent home next week.  The Golden Eagles invite your family to enjoy a game with FREE admission for your child(ren)!  The passes are valid for one admission to any Wahlert Catholic women's or men's athletic contest (with the exception of inter-city men's football or basketball) during the 2018-2019 season.  Come cheer on your favorite team! #GoEagles.


Tell us what you love about Holy Family schools

Are you looking for a way to help your school but can't find the time to volunteer right now? Holy Family is always looking for families who want to share their experiences to help promote our schools – you're our best advocates!  Please consider sharing your personal experience at to help spread the word about the great things happening in Holy Family schools.


Thank You Dubuque Racing Association

The Dubuque Racing Association, the nonprofit license holder of Mystique Casino and the sponsoring co-license holder for the Diamond Jo Casino, announced in May their annual list of DRA grant recipients. Holy Family Catholic Schools and Holy Family Early Childhood Centers received a combined $30,000.  We are truly grateful for this community support!

Holy Family Personalized Learning News & Updates:

On the Horizon in Personalized Learning...

More learning and more productive struggle. Yes, things are getting real!

The new becomes less new, and the work is in front of us. While our teachers and students in personalized learning are working as hard as ever, they are or will soon face the reality that “this is really challenging work!” We love that statement.

It also means that students will, in many cases, earn a less-than-favorable result from some work they did. It might mean not passing a focus area the first time or getting a lower score than desired on an assignment. Please be assured, this is not only normal but expected. Resist the urge to see this as a failure, rather a growth opportunity. We are supporting students through individual check-ins, small group workshops, large group discussions, one-on-one mentoring, and giving specific feedback for improvement. It is also important to note that students may see grades dip, but the end-of-the-year grade is the one that will factor into their overall GPA. Our short-term struggle will lead to long-term success. Thank you for your continued support!

Do you have these concerns? 

Personalized Learning is too rigorous and makes students anxious.
Students learn, grow, and achieve by being challenged. Personalized learning often presents challenges to students that, in the end, help them grow. Through the Summit Learning Platform, students can see exactly what they are expected to learn throughout the year in all their classes. For some students, this transparency can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why teachers work one-on-one with students to set realistic short-term goals and break down large projects into smaller tasks. Over time, students begin to take ownership of their learning, using information from the Platform and feedback from their teachers to develop and achieve their goals.

High-performing students don’t do well with Personalized Learning
The shift to Personalized Learning can be challenging, even for high-performing students. In a traditional classroom, students can obtain high grades by participating in class, doing their homework, and passing assessments. However, receiving an “A” doesn’t mean students can apply their knowledge or that they have mastered the skills necessary for higher level thinking. Personalized Learning focuses on demonstrating mastery of learning through real-world projects. To prepare students for career and college, Personalized Learning focuses on developing cognitive skills and content knowledge.


Protecting Student Privacy – A message from Summit Learning

Protecting students’ personal information is a top priority for us at Summit Learning. We applaud the FBI for releasing a Public Service Announcement which encourages public awareness of cyber threats to K-12 schools.

This blog post from the Future of Privacy Forum provides more context, including examples of best practices by school districts and resources for parents from national organizations. The public service announcement highlights recent security breaches, and although the Summit Learning Community was NOT affected by those breaches, we want to reiterate the steps we take to ensure student information is secure.

Summit Learning employs robust physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect data in the Summit Learning Platform—including those recommended in the PSA and the Future of Privacy Forum’s blog, such as secure servers, encrypted connections, and security training for staff. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, or improper use of student personal information.

In addition, it’s important that your community knows about Summit’s core privacy and security commitments to teachers, students, and families:

  • Student personal information is only used for educational purposes—to support schools in their mission to help students succeed.
  • Schools, parents, teachers, and/or students own and control their personal information. Summit does not own your personal information. Students and their families can request that schools delete their personal information and we will honor the school's request.
  • Summit does not and will not sell student information, and we do not profit from schools, teachers, students, or parents using the Platform or the related Services.
  • Summit constantly seeks feedback from our partner schools and other stakeholders—and we continuously evaluate our policies and practices to improve the security of our network and systems.
  • Summit goes above and beyond legal compliance. Summit is a signatory to the Future of Privacy Forum's Student Privacy Pledge and follows the set of principles established to safeguard student privacy, including responsible stewardship, protection, and transparent handling of student information. In addition, Summit voluntarily complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). While COPPA does not apply to non-profits, we feel it is important to voluntarily embrace these requirements to provide increased transparency to parents.  The Summit Learning Resource Center includes FAQs about our privacy and security practices. It also includes the Summit Learning Platform Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Program Agreement, including the Data Privacy Addendum, between Summit and schools.

The Summit Learning Resource Center includes FAQs about our privacy and security practices. It also includes the Summit Learning Platform Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Program Agreement, including the Data Privacy Addendum, between Summit and schools.

You can find additional resources on communicating about data privacy in the Learning Space, including a data privacy factsheet and infographic.

- The Summit Learning Program Team


As always, I welcome your questions. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have concerns.

Lisa Krapfl
Director of Personalized Learning


Personalized Learning Insider, second edition:

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