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This is your one-stop for all school news.  Start by checking the Holy Family news below for system-wide updates. Then, select your school(s) from the menu above to find all the news you need to know in one convenient spot.

Upcoming Dates:

  • June 2 – Last day of school
  • June 2 – 3–7 p.m. material pick-up/drop-off system-wide
  • June 3 – 9 a.m.–1 p.m. material pick-up/drop-off system-wide
  • June 15 – Registration opens for July Summer Camps
  • June 20 – Wahlert Graduation (Plan A)
  • July 6 – Registration opens for August Summer Camps
  • August 1 – Wahlert Graduation (Plan B)
  • August 3 – Wahlert Open Golf Tournament

Holy Family News:

Elementary Teacher Placements for 2020-2021

With the elementary transitions from Holy Ghost and St. Anthony to Our Lady, Resurrection and St. Columbkille, we know many families are eager to know where our teachers will be assigned for next school year.  We are so happy and relieved to report that we were able to offer contracts to all teachers who wished to continue their ministry at Holy Family next year!

If you have any questions about elementary teacher placements, please contact your school principal.

Kindergarten Barb Klein Mary Lou Johnson Kelsea Bellows
Sara Weires Laura Ripley Cami Saenz-Ruiz
-- -- Maria Laso Sanchez
1st Grade Rose Oswald Juanita Burke Lori Obendorf
Barb Rambousek Bayleigh Esser Laura Ubeda
Kayla Walleser Heather Weig --
2nd Grade Christy Atkinson Michele Colbert Jaime Coll
Christa Feuerhelm Linda Johnson Sara Devaney
-- Cathy Krueger --
Grade 3 Kathleen Nicholson Rhonda Koppes Michelle Hartmann
Nancy Sabers New Teacher New Spanish Teacher
-- Riley O'Brien Tara Link
Grade 4 Barb Davis Ann Callahan Rucio Sanz
Hayley Foley Ellen Funke Erin Diekman
Grade 5 Meagan Herkelman Megan Knapp Paula White
Vicki Padilla New Teacher Jose Garcia
Special Needs Dawn Brosius Carrie Kirkpatrick Erin Palm
PE Isaac Cloward/Andy Paulsen Andy Paulsen Isaac Cloward
Music Patti Steines Ayla Graziano New Teacher
Art Lori Lahey Lori Lahey Molly McAndrew
ELL Support Sr. Mary Lee Cox Andrea Tschiggfrie/Sr. Mary Lee Cox Andrea Tschiggfrie
Counselor New Counselor Kate Burke Katie Bormann
Tech Support Shelly Theisen/Jenni Malcom Shelly Theisen/Jenni Malcom Shelly Theisen/Jenni Malcom
Library Associate Beth Stenoish Carol Woolf Pam Unsen
School Associates Julie Hill Cheryl Hemann Katie Bellini
Caroline Mockler Melissa King Josefina Medellin
Beth Yaeger Jennifer Specht Celina Meza
Christine Ripperger Tammy White Liliana Peterson
Jodi Warden Therese Rix Tammy Schaefer
-- -- Rafael Jaume
Administrative Assistant Lee Ann Volkert Anna Vallee Jodi Sigwarth
Principal Denise Grant Barb Roling Carolyn Wiezorek

End-of-Year Material Drop-off/Pick-up

Each school will hold two drop-off/pick-up days at the end of the year to return school-owned materials and collect personal items remaining at school. You may visit your child(ren)’s school(s) on either June 2 or 3 according to the schedule below.


Pre-K–Grade 5

Please return school textbooks (math and K–2 religion workbooks may be kept; 3–5 religion workbooks should be returned), library books, Chromebooks and chargers, and any other items you think may belong to the school. Any personal items your child may have left in the building will be packaged for pick-up and labeled with his or her name.

Elementary materials will be exchanged curbside. Please drive-up to the following locations and a staff member will bring your items to your car and collect items you are returning.

– Holy Ghost: W. 30th main entrance
– Resurrection: Door #2
– St. Anthony/Our Lady: St. Anthony entrance
– St. Columbkille: Rush St. main entrance

Grades 6–11

Secondary students should return textbooks, library books, payment of outstanding fees (academic and/or athletic), and other school-owned materials. You have the option to keep Chromebooks or check them in to be stored during summer break. Students not returning to Holy Family next school year must turn-in Chromebooks and chargers.

Middle and high school students should enter through their respective main entrances (Mazzuchelli students should not enter through Wahlert or vice versa). Students should enter the building on their own to support social distancing.

Grade 12

Supply pick-up/drop-off will be held on Friday, May 29. Click here for more details.



Pre-K–11th-grade drop-off/pick-up schedule options, according to your child’s last name:

3 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2

  • A–F – 3–4 p.m.
  • G–L – 4–5 p.m.
  • M–R – 5–6 p.m.
  • S–Z – 6–7 p.m.

– OR –

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3

  • A–F – 9–10 a.m.
  • G–L – 10–11 a.m.
  • M–R – 11 a.m.–12 p.m.
  • S–Z – 12–1 p.m.


If you do not have materials to return or collect, you do not need to attend either day. If you do have materials to return or collect, but neither day suits your family's schedule, please contact your school principal to make alternative arrangements.


Springtime is traditionally busy with school fundraisers through events such as elementary walkathons, the MazzMudder, and the Holy Family student phone-a-thon.

If you typically give to our schools during a walk-a-thon, Mudder or phone-a-thon, we are asking you to consider supporting still. Any money raised today during our community-wide Spirit Week walk-a-thon, will be directed to the financial assistance fund.

If you typically gave to our schools during a walk-a-thon, Mudder or phone-a-thon, we are asking you to consider supporting still. Any money raised today during our community-wide Spirit Week walk-a-thon, will be directed to the financial assistance fund.

Or send a check with your donation to:
Holy Family Catholic Schools, Attn: Cyber Phone-a-thon
2005 Kane Street, Dubuque, IA 52001

Summer Camp Update

Registration is now open for a limited selection of Virtual Summer Camps in June.

Due to COVID-19, camp registrations will be rolled out monthly. Remaining academic camps will be moved to later dates, converted to a virtual format, or canceled if necessary.

Since athletic camps can't be held virtually, we will delay registration until the high school state associations make a decision regarding summer sports in May. If the state deems it unsafe, and summer sports cannot compete in June, neither will our summer camps. We will then look at the possibility of rescheduling those to later in the summer.

Visit the Summer Camp page for updated information and registration for the following June Virtual Camps:

  • Calligraphy Workshop (On-Demand through June) – Incoming Grades 6 and up
  • Camp Creamery Theater Camp (6/8-6/12) – Ages 7 and up
  • Code Camp – JavaScript (6/8-6/11) – Incoming Grades 4–6
  • Invent STEM (6/18, 6/25, 7/2) – Ages 10–14
  • 3D Printing Workshop (6/22 & 6/24) – Incoming Grades 3-8
  • 3D Printing Workshop (6/29 & 7/1) – Incoming Grades 3-8


July Registration Postponed:

July academic and athletic camps are scheduled. Registration for July camps will open on June 15, so that Holy Family may receive additional guidance on proper social distancing and capacity limits on classes. July camp offerings can be reviewed at Registration is now open for June camps which are all held virtually.

If you have any questions about Summer Camps, please contact Rebecca Mueller at

Holy Family Personalized Learning News & Updates:

Visit the Personalized Learning page to learn more.

From Personalized Learning to Virtual Learning

Personalized learning at Holy Family has been a huge asset in our transition to a successful virtual learning experience. The skills and habits our students have learned in the classroom, and continue to practice in their "virtual classrooms" each day, help them become self-directed and personally invested in their education. Mentors continue to provide the one-on-one support our students need in this trying time. The Summit Learning platform offers seamless access to our quality curriculum and an open line of communication between teachers, students, and families. And the real-time data available to our teachers help them monitor and support individual student progress – just like they always have!

FREE Book!

Looking for a good book to read while you're stuck at home? Stop by the Holy Family central office at 2005 Kane St., Dubuque, to pick up a copy of Prepared by Summit Learning founder Diane Tavenner (sitting in the entryway, while supplies last!) In December 2019, Bill Gates featured Prepared on his holiday reading list.

Diane Tavenner started Summit Learning because of her personal passion to “do whatever it takes” to support all students. You’ll enjoy her perspective on education from the viewpoint of a teacher, administrator, and a mom. We think you’ll find Diane has wise words for educators and parents alike.

In sharing Prepared, we hope to help the community understand the story behind Summit Learning and how it has grown over the course of almost 20 years to become a remarkable model for schools throughout the country, including Holy Family. We hope you find a connection between Diane’s story and Holy Family’s tireless pursuit of excellence, as we work to ensure our students are Prepared for a fulfilled life.

If you enjoy the book, please share it with a friend!

Read Bill Gates' review of Prepared at