Resurrection Construction Update

As plans develop throughout the building process, this page will serve as a resource for up-to-date information and construction updates:

Update: December 11, 2020 – Construction Planning and Campaign to Resume

We are happy to announce that there will be forward movement towards a new school building at Resurrection. The precautionary pause that had been taken was prompted by the uncertainties of the pandemic’s impact, not only on the health of individuals and communities but also on the questionable state of the economy, which would be critical to our success.

As with all things dark and cloudy, such as this pandemic, we look for the silver lining. One of the benefits of taking this “pause” was the opportunity to reconsider and embrace the practice of good stewardship regarding the overall scope of the project and to review the amount of capital that we need to raise for such a building program.

Before the pandemic, the architectural plans were put in place to have a three-level, two-section school, which would include infant daycare. After further consideration, initiated by the fact that during the pandemic more and more people are working from home (which may become the trend), among other things, it was mutually determined by Resurrection leaders and Holy Family Catholic Schools representatives that infant daycare would not be part of our overall plan.

There will still be a new three-level, two-section preschool through fifth-grade school that includes dedicated art and music classrooms as well as a flex classroom to handle the class that currently has a third section. There will also be modifications and improvements to the new kitchen plan but not as extensive because of the exclusion of infant daycare.

That being stated, given the fact that final architectural drawings were in place for the whole building and costs had initially been incurred for space allocation for infant care pre-pandemic, that section of space in the new school building design would remain. The available space can now be considered and utilized for future faith formation programming and other similar functions.

The removal of infant care and the essentials that come with it, plus the reduction of kitchen modifications are estimated to be in the vicinity of a one-million-dollar savings in overall costs. Those savings would be applied to a reduction of the previous goal of 9.6 million to 8.6 million.

Resurrection’s anonymous donor of 2.5 million dollars remains committed. The capital campaign efforts between Resurrection parish and Holy Family Catholic Schools are now at a lower cost level in consideration of the savings outlined above. Pending review and recommitment from the leadership of both entities, and Archdiocesan approval, we will initiate or reengage each respective campaign effort as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience during this time. We will continue to keep everyone updated as plans move forward and please know of our strong commitment to see this project come to fruition. Thank you in advance for your generosity as we reinvigorate our common goal of providing quality Catholic School education and Catholic faith formation.


Fr. Phil Gibbs, Pastor of the Church of the Resurrection
Denise Grant, Resurrection Principal
Phil Bormann, Holy Family Chief Administrator

Construction Updates:

Preparations and Planning

As excitement grows for our school renovation project, we want to keep you up-to-date regarding our game plan for classroom accommodations during the construction next school year. There are many details yet to be determined, but we aim to keep the lines of communication open as plans develop.

While we are certainly excited to see things coming together, please be assured that student safety and security will always top the list of our priorities. Both law enforcement and the fire marshal have been involved in planning conversations. Throughout this process, we are committed to maximizing high-quality instruction and minimizing disruption for all students.

We are truly thrilled about what's in store for our campus!

Renovation FAQs

There are many more plans to be made, and we will continue to share additional information and address questions as developments occur and as new information becomes available.  If you have additional questions, please submit them via the form below.

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