At the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Wahlert Catholic and Mazzhuchelli implemented HP Chromebooks as the school's 1:1 laptop device. The Chromebook technology meets the vast majority of student usage needs: fast startup time, extended battery life and few moving parts.

In addition to the new Chromebooks, students will no longer automatically be charged an accidental damage protection fee; instead, students whose laptops need non-warranty repairs from drops or other damage will be charged a per-incident fee. With this, we hope to build a greater sense of ownership among students, as one of our big lessons learned from the last three years is that many students have not appropriately cared for their laptops because of the accidental damage protection safety net.

Repair Fees

Sample Lunch Plate

Chromebook Common Part Prices

 As of 12/15/2015

Rubber Kit




LCD Cable


LCD Bezel




WiFi Card




Display Top


Bottom Case


Power Brick


Power Cord


System Cord


Touch Pad


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