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Our Needs - StudentsWhile the academic reputation of Wahlert Catholic High School has remained strong for the last 55 years, the building’s infrastructure and core academic areas are much the same as they were in 1959. The full review of the existing building identified key areas of need that must be addressed:

  • Current exterior siding is both unattractive and ineffective
  • Roofs are aging and some need immediate replacement
  • All but two of the electrical distribution panels are original equipment and electrical service needs to be replaced
  • Lighting fixtures in the classrooms have less than ideal distribution of light and contribute to a poor appearance and inefficiency
  • Existing emergency lighting does not meet current code
  • Lighting controls do not exist
  • Mechanical steam boilers are original equipment
  • Original steam unit ventilators in the classroom have air intakes blocked
  • Many areas have not been air conditioned
  • Fire sprinklers are not present
  • Plumbing lines are original and in need of replacement
  • Choir and band sound separation is inadequate
  • Travel to the upper floor of the west wing and lower level is inefficient
  • The lower level is dark and dingy
  • Plywood framing and shelving for storage creates potential hazards throughout the building
  • Theatre storage is inadequate
  • Lack of an adequate and convenient freezer and appliances in the kitchen affects food preparation.

Although the facilities have served us well over the years, the time has come to complete a comprehensive renovation the Wahlert Catholic High School. The SOARING Capital Campaign will complete our vision for the future by improving the overall learning environment, our long-term financial stability and the appearance and functionality of the campus that promotes our Catholic Identity.

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