SOARING Capital Campaign

We are grateful for the support that so many provided to the Soaring Capital Campaign for renovations to Wahlert Catholic High School.  We are proud to have a building that now reflects the outstanding academics and faith development that are being learned here every day.  This would not have been possible without your dedication. Thank you.


SOARING Capital Campaign Donors


Soaring Eagle - $1 million or more

John and Alice Butler


Golden Eagle - $500,000 - $999,999

Wahlert Foundation

Michael ('73) and Susan Steele

Wahlert Foundation


Eagle - $250,000 - $499,999

Diane and Jeffrey Bertsch

Greg ('76) and Connie ('76 Moes) Burbach

Timothy ('80) and Kim ('83 Dunne) Burbach

T. J. ('88) and Janet Faley

Stephen ('64) and Constance ('67 Grote) Hardie

Steven ('79) and Melissa Kean

Kim Kunkel

Mark ('81) and Maureen ('81 Lynch) Molo

Michael ('71) and Sally Portzen

Leo and Marita Theisen

Theisen Supply, Inc.

David ('60) and Nancy Wahlert


Visionary - $100,000 - $249,999

A Y McDonald Mfg. Co. Charitable Foundation

American Trust and Savings Bank

David and Amy Becker

Conlon Construction Co

Elizabeth ('71 Glab) and David Cushman

John ('71) and Eleanor ('71 Glab) Freund

Carolyn Gantz and Gerald Ihm

Michael Gantz, Eric Gantz, C.J. Gantz, and Jim Gantz

Charles ('73) and Vicki ('73 Zillig) Glab

Joyce Honkamp

Klauer Manufacturing Company

William ('76) and Karen ('77 Amundsen) May

Leann and Robert McDonald

Ruth N. Miroyiannis Estate

Mulgrew Oil Co.Nancy ('85 Meyers) and Christopher Patrick

Janet L. Rhomberg

Mary S. Schmid

Valorie ('78 Vance) and Kevin Schmitt

Natalie ('88 Baum) and Scott Schramm

Charles J. and Marjorie T. Schrup Family Foundation

Patrick ('68) and Mary Steele

Brian and Kendra Sullivan

Robert and Donna Wahlert

James and Susan Wahlert Family

Phil and Joan Weber


Catalyst - $75,000 - $99,999

Dupaco Community Credit Union

John ('77) and Donna ('84 Wagner) Schmidt


Builder - $50,000 - $74,999 

Richard and Mary Berning

Loras ('63) and Carolyn Bleile

Beth ('83 Hasken) and Joseph Broderick

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

John and Catherine Darrah

Dubuque Bank and Trust Co.

Flynn Family Foundation

Francis and Marion O'Connor Family Gift

James ('67) and Jean Gantz

Charles ('69) and Mary Gantz

Thomas ('76) and Paula Giese

Michael ('80) and Natalie Hoffmann

Stephanie K. Holscher Bear ('69) and Jim Bear

Brian ('75) and Kathleen ('75 Fleming) Kane

Robert ('61) and Judy Klauer

William R. Klauer, Jr. ('60)

Scott ('92) and Laura ('92 Petitgout) Leibfried

Joy K. McCarthy

R D McDonald Charitable Foundation

David ('79) and Lori Meyer

Brian ('85) and Gina Moran

John and Stephanie Ottavi

James ('77) and Nancy ('77 Nemmers) Rhomberg

Richard ('79) and Wanda ('79 Kane) Runde

Michael and Gail Scherr

Michael ('81) and Elizabeth Schmid

Ann Schreiber ('77)

Craig ('79) Takes and Heather Trees

Christopher ('80) and Pamela ('80 Doll) Theisen

Dennis and Diane Thier

Jeffrey ('87) and Jodi Weber

Timothy ('86) and Dawn Weber


Advocate - $25,000 - $49,999 

Keith ('83) and Lugene Berning

Anthony ('78) and Mary ('77 Frommelt) Burbach

Richard and Marlene Burgmeier

William ('78) and Linda Callahan

Chad and Laura Chandlee

Keith Cook and Sharon Kress

Daniel ('69) and Christine Corken

Brian and Michelle Covey

Cummer Masonry Inc

Mark and Cheryl Falb

Maria ('83 Meyer) and Michael Fleege

Reverend Ronald G. Friedell

Terrance ('71) and Paula Friedman

Paul* and Elizabeth L. Frommelt

Geisler Brothers, Co.

Charles ('72) and Linda Giese

James ('64) and Catherine ('71 Conlon) Giese

Richard ('74) and Mary ('74 Schmidt) Gregory

Anthony E. Hardie ('03)

Richard ('68) and Brenda Hartig

Jason Haynes

Joseph and Trisha Hearn

Robert and Marilyn Hoefer

Mark Hogan ('74) and Barbara Stone-Potter ('71)

Chad ('91) and Tammy Huntington

Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

Kim and Katharine Keuter

Kraig and Nikki Kiefer

James ('63) and Nancy ('63 Swift) Klauer

Michael ('95) and Emily Klauer

Terry and Juliana Kouba

Dale ('81) and Mary Leibfried

Eric and Linda Lucy

Terrance and Rae Ann Maiers

Douglas ('82) and Michele ('83 Deutmeyer) May

McCoy Group, Inc.

John and Lynn McCullough

Richard ('71) and Mary ('80 Borley) McKay

Daniel and Jane Mueller

Mary Mulgrew and the late James P. Mulgrew

Kelly ('81 McDonald) and Ronald Mussehl

Lawrence J. Nedder

Danial and Julie Neebel

Reverend John J. O'Connor

Rainbo Oil Company

Ann M. Rhomberg ('79)

Susan E. Rhomberg ('76)

Stephen ('75) and Kris ('75 Connolly) Rodham

Scott and Kim Schemmel

Michael ('86) and Julie ('88 Hughes) Schmalz

Christopher and Kristine Stille

Michael ('75) and Julie ('75 Green) Sullivan

Timothy ('83) and Christie Timmerman

Carol ('79 Schmidt) and Michael Trueg

Patrick ('86) and Wendy Vance

Chris and Lisa Vogel

Larry and Julie Vogt

Robert ('80) and Agnes Wahlert

Kurt and Sarah Wedewer

James W. and Pauline* White

Ronald ('62) and Judith Wolf


Ambassador - $10,000 - $24,999


Harry ('70) and Mary ('68 Ludescher) Althaus

Thomas ('79) and Anne Benda

Roger ('79) and Mary Ellen ('79 Reisen) Berning

Timothy ('94) and Kristen ('98 Murray) Berning

Christopher and Fiona Breslin

Callahan Construction Inc

The Carew Family

Kathleen ('83 Wahlert) and David Chameli

Mary J. Chapman

Michael ('80) and Laura Chapman

Brandon and Joanna Darrah

Matthew ('90) and Kara Dodds

DuTrac Community Credit Union

John and Jacquilyn Etienne

John ('96) and Amy Freund

Stephen ('86) and Julie ('86 Welu) Frommelt

Paul A. Fuerst ('63)

Kenneth and Margaret Funke

James and Shawna Hallenbeck

Robert ('74) and Sandra Hanley

Jeanne ('72 Hillary) and Garry Heiar

Mark and Julie Hermann

Bradley and Elizabeth Heying

Benjamin Hoelscher ('97) and Emily Duehr ('97)

Hormel Foods Corporation

Jason and Susan Hughes

Ronald and Patricia Iverson

Randy ('78) and Dianne Kemp

Thomas and Julie King

Ludovissy and Associates

Vincent and Bernice Martensen

John M. McDonald

Martin and Nancy McNamer


Gregory and Margaret Miller

Caroline and John Mockler

Kevin ('94) and Trisha Mullen

Timothy and M. Elaine Murphy

James ('82) and Jodi Nemmers

New Melleray Abbey

Douglas and Marilyn Olk

Patrick ('62) and Darlene O'Neill

Paulson Electric Co of Dubuque

Marni ('86 Wahlert) and Bradley Peck

Amy ('82 Wahlert) and Joseph Principi

Richard ('76) and Maureen ('76 Duggan) Runde

Douglas and Martha Schmid

Meghan and Michael Schultz

Thomas ('76) and Lynn ('76 Heitz) Siegert

Paul ('90) and Jodi ('91 Payne) Sigwarth

Robert ('67) and Linda Sigwarth

Sisters of the Presentation

Sisters of the Visitation

Spahn and Rose Lumber Co. Charitable Foundation

Michael ('95) and Jennifer Specht

Charles E. Stoltz

Wade and Jennifer Teslow

Chad and Stacey Thier

Katie and Andrew Thomas

Alfred and Rose Timmerman

Jeffery ('91) and Amy Vaassen

Daniel Wahlert

Daniel ('91) and Aimee ('93 Haas) Walsh

Timothy ('75) and Diane Weitzel

Michael ('94) and Carrie ('96 Wertz) Welbes

Michael ('71) and Diane ('72 Pickel) Wertz

Gregory ('83) and Tamera White

Paschal and Janet Zuccaro


Diplomat - $5,000 - $9,999 

Gregory and Nancy Adams

Julia ('87 Abitz) and Jamey Aird

Ancient Order of Hibernians

Bruce ('79) and Laura ('80 Schmitz) Anderson

Lisa ('93 Schaul) and Mark Anderson

John ('66) and Ellen Berning

Jeff and Kathy Bodine

Amy ('90 Jorgensen) and Tom Brooner

Andy* and Michelle Burgmeier ('85 Frommelt)

James and Lisa Collins

Edward and Teri Connolly

Richard ('84) and Bobbi Cummer

Monica ('60 Schlung) and James Curoe

William ('60) and Susan Dall

Mark ('78) and Catherine ('78 Schneider) Derby

John ('69) and Lisa Dodds

James and Kathleen Doudna

Wayne J. Droessler ('61)

Abbey ('01 Fassbinder) and Jesse Drolema

Tony and Amy Duehr

Mark ('80) and Sara Eisbach

Fred and Tracy Fischer

Kirk and Carrie Fitzgerald

Eric and Kim Foy

Lawrence Friedman

Robert and Barbara Frommelt

Kenneth and Marian Furst

Scott ('81) and Michele Ganshirt

Brian ('79) and Linda Gilligan

Duane and Tina Gonner

David J. Hanley ('76)

Beth ('77 Chapman) and Peter Hanlon

Sarah and Jay Harris

Glenn ('86) and Tina ('85 Hughes) Hasken

Mark ('75) and Karen Heiderscheit

Kimberly ('85 Lex) and Patrick Hermsen

Betty M. Hillary

Alice Cass Hinz

Paul ('70) and Gina Hoffmann

Kevin ('69) and Lucy Hogan

Ellen ('76 Piekenbrock) and Stephen Hoy

Heath and Sara Hutchinson

Kristen ('87 Klauer) and Michael Igo

Gerald and Mary Jorgensen

John and Deb Kalb

Thomas ('77) and Carla Kemp

James and Margaret Kircher

Barbara M. Kruse

John ('78) Kunnert and Kimberly Erusha

Reverend Eugene C. Kutsch

Michael ('71) and Claire Lattner

Edmund C. Laue

Leo and Rosemary Mallie

Chris and Erica McCarville

Emily ('02 May) and Scott McGuire

Robert and Linda McQuillen

Thomas and Jeanne Mercer

Brian ('77) and Lisa ('80 Stecher) Meyer

Ronald ('79) and Susan Meyers

Karen Michels

Reverend Monsignor James L. Miller

Michael and Paula Montag

Anne ('99 Corken) and Marcus Murphy

Chad and Cyndy Nachtman

Reverend Mark R. Nemmers

Randal ('67) and Doris ('67 Lyness) Nigg

Marilyn ('63 Hefel) and Michael Nitz

Timothy and Sara Noonan

Leslie and Dawn Oelke

Thomas ('75) and Mary Ann Oglesby

Charles and JoAnn Olson

Roger* and Luanus Ott

Pfizer Matching Gifts Program

Reverend Donald J. Plamondon

Brian Poirier and Cheryl Syke

Madonna C. Portz

Brian ('98) and Jill Powers

Jack ('85) and Liz Pregler

Diane ('86) and Randall Rambousek

Brian ('81) and Marirose ('81 Pusateri) Rauch

Susan and Ed Ritts

Reverend Steven J. Rosonke

Dan and Lisa Saddler

Karen A. Schmid

In memory of Jeanette Schreiber and Family

Michael Shubatt and Amy Gilligan

Sisters of St Francis

Charles and Julia Skemp

Steven ('74) and Julie ('74 Wiezorek) Sloan

Katherine ('01 Burbach) and Quentin Smith

Brigid A. Steele

Mrs. Don T. Patrick Steele

Scott ('94) and Rachel Steiner

Kurt and Lee Ann Strand

Patrick ('73) and Kathleen ('73 Klauer) Sullivan

Virginia and Dale Till

Bart ('87) and Rebecca Timmerman

United Way Silicon Valley

Scott and Kelli Wagner

Mark D. Wahlert


Friend - $2,500 - $4,999

W. Steve and Kathleen Abba

Frances A. Amundsen

James ('75) and Rose Anglin

A. John ('71 ) and Cynthia Arenz

Theodore and Tricia Borelli

Carl ('66) and Mary Breen

Ryan ('05) and Raquel Burbach

Charles and Claire Cook

Craig and Lisa Crawford

Davin ('88) and Renee ('88 Trumm) Curtiss

Andrew ('91) and Jennifer Daughetee

Wesley and Melissa Digmann

Michael and Martha Doyle

Cindy ('90 Schaul) and Thomas Evans

Janet ('82 Hannan) and Michael Freihoefer

Robert ('82) and Carol Gebhart

Jacqueline and John Gonner

Timothy ('95) and Anne Heiar

Wendy ('88 Valentine) and Michael Herrig

Steven and Julie Hill

Robert ('66) and Faye ('68 Tauke) Hoffman

John ('68) and Mary Ann Hohnecker

Doug ('90) and Janet ('89 Thoma) Horsfall

Brendan ('99) and Zoe Houlihan

Jo Ann Hurley ('71 Fisch)

Nicole and Eric Johnson

Kurtis H. Keuter ('04)

James and Barbara Killoran

Jason and Tina Knockel

Diane ('86 Domeyer) and John Kock

Michael and Lisa Krapfl

G. Christopher and Wendy Lyons

Ben D. Makovec ('00)

Sharon A. Matz ('67 Banwarth)

Mark and Stacey May

Scott and Laurie McCarthy

Robert and Kerry McCullough

Shirley M. McCullough

Paul A. Meyers

Richard ('60) and Virginia ('61 Link) Meyers

Laura ('82 Schoen) and Jeffrey Mootz

Diana ('92 Leisen) and Michael Moroney

Eric and Judy Munshower

James and Patricia Nack

Gerard and Lola Noonan

Robert ('88) and Rebecca ('90 Berning) Oberfoell

Steven ('81) and Christine Ochs

Reverend Paul J. Otting

Bryan P. Pechous ('74)

Paul and Nancy Pechous

Tom and Valerie Peckosh

Andrew M. Petitgout ('92)

Prudential Financial

William ('70) and Kathy ('70 Moriarty) Rohner

Gerald and Barb Roling

Joseph ('78) and Geraldine ('78 Dodds) Schmitt

Schoen Family Charitable Trust

Dana and Kathleen Schrack

Gary and Barbara Schroeder

James ('80) and Jan Sigwarth

Randy ('74) and Lynn Skemp

Patricia ('61 Nilles) and Edward Steinberg

Jeffrey A. Swift

Marlene ('70 Nauman) and Kenneth TeKippe

The Very Reverend Dwayne J. Thoman

Thomas and Kathleen* Timp

Robert and Mary Urell

Mary Lou Valentine

Douglas ('82) and Rebecca Varley

Daniel and Paige Wallace

James A. Walsh ('75)

Michael ('64) and Mary Alice Walsh

Douglas and Jolene Wareham

Wells Fargo Advisors

James ('78) and Constance ('78 Nemmers) White


Guardian - $1,000 - $2,499 

Roger ('62) and Kay Auderer

Donna ('81 Fleckenstein) and James Augustin

John and Eunice Bamrick

Monsignor James O. Barta

Ed and Elizabeth Behnke

Jolene ('93 Berning) and Terry Belken

Bruce and Julie Berstler

Gary ('74) and Alice Bisanz

Carol A. Bitter

Paul ('67) and Jean Blaser

Lawrence ('75) and Paula Blatnik

Phyllis A. Blichmann

Jack and Judy Blosch

Kenneth ('79) and Angela ('80 Oberfoell) Botsford

Patrick ('83) and Joan Bradley

Mary Jo Brennan ('68) and James McNamara

Randy ('88) and Jamie Burger

Katherine and Aaron Burke

Thomas ('68) and Juanita ('72 Pins) Burke

Robert Buss

Therese Buss

John and Marilyn Bustle

Thomas ('69) and Barbara ('69 Biver) Callahan

Katie J. Chapman

Catherine and Patrick Conlon

Thomas and Joyce Connors

Mary Bridget Corken-Deutsch ('05)

Constance and Michael Cosgrove

Dennis and Mary Cosley

Mary Jo Dalsing ('78 Bonifas)

Kevin ('94) Deeny and Megan Stull

Donald and Ann Degnan

Deluxe Corporation Foundation

Diane and Philip Denlinger

Michael and Danielle Dodds

Kathryn J. Dolter

Linda ('88) Domeyer and Kevin Leeseberg

Michael ('66) and Jean ('66 Hoppmann) Donovan

John and Lois Drexler

Gerald and Jennifer Elbert

Peter ('60) and Margaret Eldridge

Molly ('83 Brown) and Daniel Fitzsimmons

De Loras Fortman

Sara E. Freund ('95)

Dana ('86 Sampson) and Thomas Friedel

Warren and Beth Gall

Edward and Ruth Gansemer

Fred ('76) Gasper and Kathryn Ingell

Sandra K. Gaul

William and Patricia Gibbs

Monsignor Karl L. Glovik

Benjamin ('92) and Cindy Graham

Ellen ('65 Farley) and David Grevas

Louise Gschwendtner

Diann ('79 Kennicker) and Richard Guns

Wesley and Allison Hartig

Reverend Joseph L. Hauer

Tony ('93) and Mardi Heiar

Anthony ('75) and Diane Helling

Cynthia L. Henkel ('74)

Kenneth and Jennifer Hermsen

Brian ('87) and Bridget Hilby

Douglas and Bernadette Hilby

David J. Holmberg ('68)

Nicholas ('93) and Susan Honkamp

Steve ('78) and Susan ('78 Lobianco) Houselog

Courtney and Benjamin Johnson

Angela and Jeremy Jones

Robert ('62) and Sharon Jungk

Andrew and Sarah Kahler

Mary and Cletus Kaiser

Terrance ('75) and Kristin ('75 Galliart) Kane

Laurie and Kevin Kelleher

Robert and Sara Keller

David and Angela Kelley

Terry ('78) and Patricia Kemp

Carrie ('94 Smith) and James Kennedy

Michael ('87) and Beth Kircher

Roger ('83) and Christine Kirpes

Roger F. Klauer

Nelson ('62) and Ramona Klavitter

Aloysius and Jeanne Kluesner

James ('82) and Laura ('86 Johanningmeier) Knabel

Reverend Daniel J. Knepper

Russ and Ann Knepper

Russell and Meggan Kramer

Ellen ('77 Rohner) and Dennis Kremer

Melissa and John Kruse

Cheryl and Kevin Kuenster

James and Colleen Kuhl

Donald R. Kutsch ('63)

Steven ('74) and Jane ('73 Arensdorf) Lange

Thomas ('03) and Kathryn ('03 Gross) Lange

Roger and Carol Langkamp

Jeanne A. Lauritsen ('62 Weber)

David and Mary Leary

Jeremy and Crystal Leemon

Vincent and Karen Leisen

Robert and Joan Lentz

Greg and Kristy Lenz

Donald C. Linden

Todd and Jill Link

John and Kim Lohberg

Charles and Mary Longo

James ('75) and Patti ('77 Zillig) Luksetich

John and Kathy Lundstrom

Chris and Kim Maiers

Roger and Rose Maiers

Sarah and Matthew Martineau

Marie R. McCaffery

Jill K. McCarthy ('92)

Kelly and Jim McDermott

Francis and Darlene McDonald

Brian ('87) and Angela McSperrin

Thomas and Joyce Meaney

Kipp and Patricia Melin

Karen ('74 Gilligan) and Merle Meyer

Phillip and Marlene Mihalakis

Frank and Mary Anne Miller

Ted ('70) and Carol ('71 Wagner) Murray

Kelly and Sharon Myers

Gregory ('75) and Brenda Norby

Harold and Ruth Oglesby in memory of Mike Oglesby

Margaret Oppelt*

Reverend John C. Paisley

James and Nancy Pearson

Paul and Pamela Peckosh

Timothy and Barbara Piggott

Patrick and Joyce Portzen

Daniel and Elaine Pregler

Patrick and Ruth Rea

Michael and Khristine Rettenmeier

Dennis and Julie Rima

Samuel and Teruko Riniker

Laura and Shane Ripley

Jane ('78 Knabel) and Ralph Rollins

Ruth Ruden Burrows ('60)

Michelle ('85 Vollenweider) and Jeffrey Rusch

Dennis and Rita Ryan

Joan ('66 Haas) and Allen Sampson

Raymond and Mary Schmerbach

Kim ('84 Schonhoff) Schonhoff-Reiter and Nick Reiter

Thomas ('81) Schreiber and Molly Andersen-Schreiber

Elaine M. Seaman

David and Barbara Setter

Todd and Dianne Stecklein

Terrance and Linda Steuer

Thomas ('68) and Susan ('70 Becker) Stierman

Steven ('91) and Jacqueline Stoffel

Mary ('83 Noonan) and William Sulentic

Nicholas and Nancy Sullivan

John ('60) and Patricia ('60 Quade) Sunseri

Cynthia A. Thommen

Jerry J. Tigges ('74)

Mary Jo "Heidi" Tigges in memory of her son, Joseph S. Graham

Monsignor Thomas E. Toale

Stephen and Anne Tomecek

Richard K. Traylor

Myron and Jean Vance

Jennifer and Michael Vrabel

Amy ('92 Chapman) and Thomas ('93) Wagner

Cynthia A. Wagner ('69)

Guy ('65) and Kathleen ('65 Kemps) Wagner

Jane A. Wagner

Thomas ('93) and Amy ('92 Chapman) Wagner

James A. Wahlert

Richard and Jennifer Walker

James and Geraldine Walsh

Michael and Maureen Ward

Kevin and Sean Weber

Claire and Thomas Wiedmayer

Robert ('67) and Christine Wiezorek

Karle and Mary Beth Wigginton

Richard and Lynette Woods

E. David ('71) and Renee Wright

Kurt and Kathy Wuertzer

Sharon ('69 Klein) Wulfekuhle-Hefel and Dennis Hefel



Patron - $5 - $999

Sara Abbott

Joel and Emily Allen

Elizabeth and Tim Altman

Sandra ('63 Frye) and Anthony Amberg

Sandra and Loras Ambrosy

Michael ('67) and Mary Pat ('67 Lynch) Ament

Nicholas D. Apel ('96)

John ('74) and Connie Arend

Joann M. Arensdorf ('65)

James ('64) and Judith Arlen

Kevin and Donna Arthofer

Lisa ('94 Kalb) and Martin Attea

Kathryn ('98 Meyers) and Adam Austin

Jacqueline and Daryl Baal

Sheryl ('78) and Keith Babb

Katherine M. Bahl

Deborah ('81 Schmitt) and John Bakewell

Margaret Bakey

Daniel and Vivian Bannon

Donna M. Banwarth ('85)

Jerry ('74) and Helen ('82 Wiederholt) Banwarth

Linda L. Banwarth

David L. Barry

Sharyl E. Bartels

Louis and Mindy Bassler

Dennis L. Baumhover

Marie and William Becker

David and Elizabeth Beckius

Robert and Betty Beecher

Aaron J. Behnke ('08)

Jon and Kathryn Berkley

Kimberly S. Berntgen ('75 Burgmeier)

Diane Berryman

Daryl F. Biechler

Nancy ('76 Schiel) and Dan Biechler

David ('60) and Rosalind ('60 Jansen) Bierie

Thomas ('68) and Linda ('79 Thibadeau) Bierie

Donna L. Bisanz ('71)Carol A. Bisping

Kenneth Blackburn

Richard and Barbara Blichmann

Robert and Joan Blocker

John and Carolyn Blocklinger

Sarah ('89 Grevas) and Scott Blosch

David and Diane Boardman

Phillip and Katie Bormann

Jeffery ('84) and Jennifer ('86 Troy) Bowden

Michael and Stasia Brannon

James and Judith Braun

Arlene A. Breitbach

Lawrence J. Breitbach

Michael ('84) and Angela ('89 Hefel) Breitbach

Robin ('97) and Adam Briggs

Daniel ('77) and Christina Brimeyer

Donald and Anna Brimeyer

James and Kay Brimeyer

Paul ('60) and Kathleen Brimeyer

Ross and Shirley Broderick

Jean Brosius

Linda D. Brown

Michelle ('71 Pillard) and Duane Brown

Michael ('63) and Linda Budde

David F. Burbach

Michael J. Burgmeier ('72)

James ('74) and Mary Busch

Barbara Meloy-Callahan

Sean Campbell

Barb and Michael Carr

Carla B. Carton

Patricia J. Cawley

Michael and Linda Cawley

Daniel ('68) and Mary Chapman

Daniel and Lynn Chapman

Frank and Theresa Cicciarelli

Martha J. Clark ('60)

Evelyn D. Clemens ('61)

Kristie ('87 Rettenmeier) and Kevin Coffman

Patricia Conlan, RSM

Sarah M. Conlon

Jeanne ('74 Cullen) and Kevin Coogan

Bennett Cook and Mary Ellen Carroll

Jacqueline M. Cullen ('83)

William and Margaret Cummer

Diane M. Dally ('63 Feldman)

Charlotte R. DannerTyler J. Decker

Elizabeth ('97 Corken) and Peter Deegan

Clayton J. Degenhardt

Joyce K. Denczek

Merlin ('73) and Mary Dietzel

Evelyn ('72 Huber) and Paul Dolan

Michael and Mary Dolan

Lisa ('93 Callahan) and Wes Dolphin

William and Patricia Dougherty

Linda ('75 George) and John Dowd

David P. Drexler ('77)

Reverend Harold J. Drexler

Kevin ('78) and Teresa ('78 Hasken) Driscoll

Sandra J. DuffyLois C. DullJacqueline Dunn

Eileen C. Dunphy

Roger and Karen Earle

Richard and Roberta Earles

Dale and Jamie Easley

Krista and Robert Eckert

Chris ('82) and Barbara ('82 Dolan) Ehlers

Tim G. Ehrmann

Lisa ('86 Knabel) and Thomas English

Janice M. Enke

Francis and Doreen Fager

Janet ('77 Danner) and Rodney Farrey

Louis ('61) and Joey Fautsch

Mary Ann ('78 Roddy) and Mark Feldman

Paul ('73) and Joni Feller

Janet R. FesslerEdward ('69) and Kimberly ('68 Kane) Feyen

Angela and Michael Fitzpatrick

James and Jane Flogel

John T. Foster

Kelley and Andrew Frank

Nicole ('92 Lampe) and Edgar Freed

George J. Freese ('63)

Kevin and Theresa Freihoefer

Lillian M. Freund

Norman and Marabeth Freund

Tom and Joan Fritz

Al and Maureen Frommelt

Martha ('75) Frommelt and David Feldshuh

Paul ('61) and Donna ('61 Timmerman) Frommelt

Patricia F. Furuseth

Michelle Gallager

Ronald ('68) and Shirley Gansen

Tammy ('79 Gray) and Dale Gansen

Matthew and Shirley Gasper

Janet and James Gastineau

Sister Kay Gaul, OSF

Nathaniel Gee

Michele E. Gelaude

Eileen Geraghty

John A. Gette

Sara ('71 Seaman) and Joseph Gianino

Bernadine Giese

Janice M. Giesler ('60 McDonough)

Mark F. Gilligan ('71)

Francis ('69) and JoAnn Giunta

Anne ('82 Gockel) and Kevin Glaser

Deborah A. Goar

Joel and Marilyn Gorun

Anne P. Grace ('64)

Dorothy L. Gray

Elaine ('69 Sigwarth) and Ronald Grygo

Keith and Erin Habel

Patricia K. Hagge

Ann Hall

Maria D. Hallenbeck

Maxwell D. Hallenbeck

Richard and Bernadette Halvorson

Howard and Sandra Hammerand

Jay F. Hantelman

Cheryl and Charles Hartman

Earl* and Doris M. Hasken

Andrea Hauser

Timothy J. Hayes

Lyle L. Hefel

Richard ('85) and Vicki Hefel

Marvin and Jeanne Heiar

Constance ('65 Kupferschmidt) and Wayne Heim

Anne Gindorff-Heinz ('70)

Scott F. Hemesath

James and Carla Henkels

Con and Mary Herburger

Jean and Terry Hilkin

Elizabeth Hingtgen

Gary ('66) and Lynn Hirsch

Thomas and Mary Hoelscher

Ann ('72 Bernhard) and John Hoff

Steve Hohmann ('84)

Gregory and Beth Holdener

Larry and Kathy Holland

Leanne M. Horsfall ('63 Hickie)

Patricia F. Hough

Kyle Howard

Peggy J. Howard ('69)

Mary ('61 Kutsch) Huber

Mark and Marion Huettner

David ('70) and Cheryl ('70 Wainwright) Hunstad

James and Ann Huss

Jo Ann Jackoniski

John and Lorri Jackson

Kermit ('62) and Patricia ('65 Duggan) Jackson

Douglas ('69) and Nancy Jansen

Ralph and Richene Jasper

Maryann and Kenneth Jewell

John Deere Foundation for Matching Gifts

Calli S. Johnson

Dean and Mardell Johnson

Abby and David Jones

Jane R. Jones ('67 Slaats)

Stephen and Suzanne Juergens

Roger ('68) and Debra Kamps

David and Natalie Kane

Kathy and John Kapparos

Darlene ('62 Leitner) Kaufmann

Dennis and Katherine Kearney

Thomas and Ann Kearney

Joan M. Kehoe

Terrance and Patricia Kelly

Thomas ('92) and Kim Kelzer

William and Barbara Kelzer

Thomas ('60) and Ruth Kemp

David and Mary King

Michael P. Kinsella

Bart and Jennifer Kintzinger

Travis and Andrea Kirby

Kyle and Stephanie Klapatauskas

Gerald W. Klein

Craig and Lynn Kloft

Timothy and Heidi Klousia

George ('62) and Mary Ann ('62 McMahon) Knight

Joseph KochKevin ('77) and Dianne Koch

Teresa Koch

Meghan and Chad Kohlenberg

Roger and Mary Konrardy

Deanna ('65 Jackson) and Patrick Koopmann

Gerald ('63) and Darlene ('65 Dalsing) Koppes

Kathleen ('64 Unsen) and George Kotz

Francis and Cynthia Kraus

Ronald J. Kuhl ('61)

Norman and Eunice Kunkel

Karen ('61 Hickie) and Lynn Kurt

Nick ('93) and Abbey Kurt

Laura J. Kutsch

Lori ('84 Bonifas) and Frank Lahey

Mark and Suzanne Lansing

Carol A. Lavenz

Robert ('62) and Elizabeth ('63 Burbach) Leibfried

Valentine W. Leibold ('66)

Thomas and Patricia Leicht

Katie ('99 Lange) and Chris Lenart

James ('79) and Nancy Leonard

Joleen A. Leonard ('78)

Kirsten Lillegard and Larry Udry

Susan ('81 Heer) and George Limberg

Allan and Alice Link

Jean and William Link

Norbert ('61) and Phyllis ('61 Donovan) Link

Richard and Catherine Link

Philip H. Lochner

Earlyn J. Loeffelholz

Sara S. Loetscher

Michael ('73) and Elaine ('72 Westhoff) Lombardi

John and Mary Lovell

Robert and Elaine Lueken

Chris and Susan Lundell

Dolores D. Maahs ('69 Kutsch)

Michael and Amy Mahoney

Al and Pat Maiers

Joseph and Erin Maloney

Abbie and Brett Maras

Thomas ('65) and Catherine ('78 Busch) Marty

David ('65) and Kristi Massey

John and Mary Mauss

John W. McAndrews ('63)

Daniel and Mary McAuliffe

Michael J. McClain ('68)

Monsignor John R. McClean

Patrick ('63) and Alice McCullough

Anthony and Dorothy McDermott

Gari McDermott

William ('63) and Doris McDermott

Gladys ('60 Leibfried) and James McDonald

David and Alice McGhee

Pamela ('77 Burgmeier) and Patrick McKenna

Patricia A. McNerney*

James and Kathleen McPartland

Steven and Kristine Melloy

Allen M. Mennig, Jr. ('67)

William ('71) and Barbara Merritt

Duane and Jane Meyer

Michael ('76) and Judith ('77 Danner) Meyer

Richard and Mary Meyer

Mark and Emily Mier

Sister Mira Mosle, BVM ('61)

Margaret A. Mulderig

Daniel ('88) and Kelly ('96 Schissel) Mulligan

Michael ('64) and Ann Mulligan

Reverend Mark Murphy

Elizabeth A. Nauman ('98)

Gerald and Phyllis Naumann

Beth ('80 Dull) and Kenneth Nichols

Daniel and Barbara Nicholson

John ('74) and Jane Nigg

Nona R. NiggGary and Kathy Noel

John and Rose NoelJohn and Lavonne Noel

Alma M. Noel

Daniel J. Nugent

Richard and Eleanor Nunez

Joan Oberfoell

John and Patricia Oberman

Elaine M. O'Neill

Oppenheimer Funds Legacy Program

Marilyn ('62 Grace) and Daniel O'Rourke

David and Rita Osterberger

Steve and Lisa Osterberger

Barbara ('77 Kuhle) and Gene Osterholz

Tena ('86 Kinsella) and Al Paparelli

Craig ('78) and Nancy ('79 Rettenmeier) Pape

Robert C. Pape

Terrance and Jan Pape

Sandra A. Parrett

Diane Peacock

Matthew J. Peckosh

Jonathan Peiffer

Kathryn and Michael Petitgout

Donald and Alice Pettit

Ernest and Linda Pfeiffer

Barbara Pfiffner ('62 Blosch)

Pictures By Pape, LLC

Charles ('79) and Susan ('81 Schrup) Piekenbrock

Mary Pink

Richard M. Plowman

George ('67) and Elaine ('66 Droeszler) Portzen

June L. Price

Thomas ('65) and Alice Prochaska

Susan K. Prochaska-Kiefer

Daniel and Sandra Radke

Troy and Amy Rambousek

Barbara M. Ressler ('74)

William and Mary Rhomberg

Edward ('65) and Mary Riley

Thelma Roberts

Rockwell Collins Matching Gift Program

John and Helen Rodham

Kathy and Luke Rodham

Daniel ('72) and Kim Rohner

Frederic* and Virginia M. Rohner

Dennis and Debra Rolwes

Corey and Renate Root

Judy M. Rosenow ('73)

Keith and Rita Roth

Lene Rubly

Jessica and Dan Russo

Thomas ('74) and Lisa Ryder

Mary and Albert Rysavy

Saboe Family - Karen, Benjamin, Sara, Mark and Nicholas

Esther Santillo

Craig and Joan Schaefer

Thomas and Margaret Schaefer

Robert and Mary Schauer

Lawrence and Helen Schaul

Maria and Scott Schemmel

Joyce ('66 Sigwarth) and Paul Scherner

Robert J. Schiel

Carol ('62 Blondin) and Frederick Schieltz

Dolores ('70 Lenz) and Terry Schilling

Natalie Schira

Rose Mary Schira

Mary O. Schlader

Neil M. Schlader ('97)

Ronald ('71) and Julie Schlader

Stanley ('61) and Mary Schloz

Samuel and Sarah Schmelzer

Emily R. Schmidt

Donald Schmit

Jeffrey ('88) and Jill Schmitt

Judith and Cletus Schmitt

Molly and Eric Schmitt

Kathleen M. Schmitt

Mark ('76) and Crystal Schnee

Korrin Schriver

Debra ('79 Gansen) and Robert Schroeder

John ('64) and Ann ('66 Wiezorek) Schroeder

Stanley and Sybil Schroeder

Michael ('81) and Carol ('82 Andresen) Schueller

Gregory and Florence Schuetz

Gary L. Schulte ('65)

Arlene ('60 Wiederholt) and Thomas Schultz

Brian and Teri Schulz

Dale ('66) and Vicki S. Schumacher

Wayne ('69) and Susan Schumacher

Vincent and Marjorie Schuster

Thomas and Jean Schwartz

Mary Beth ('86 Stelken) and Roger Scott

Paul and Ellen Seaman

David ('73) and Carol Seipp

Lawrence ('62) and Lindsay ('62 Arthur) Sharpe

Leroy ('60) and Linda Sherman

Gregory A. Sheston ('76)

Janice K. Siegert

Paul and Diane Sievers

Charles ('03) and Nicole Sisler

Marilyn and Steven Skahill

Rose ('63 Heiderscheit) and Wayne Small

Daniel and Cheryl Smith

Roger and Sarah Smith

Richard and Nicole Soer

Rita ('60 Richard) and Ronald Soppe

Thomas and Nancy Spalla

William and Ellen Spencer

Joseph ('97) and Kari ('97 Doudna) Splinter

Cyndia K. Stecher ('68 Weber)

Viola L. Steffen*

Maria and Michael Steinlage

Keith ('67) and Sharon Steuer

Susan M. Stinson

Robert C. Storck

Deborah and Mark Studelska

Donald ('67) and Kathy Stumpf

Harold and Imogene Styer

Margaret C. Sullivan

Martin and Kathleen Sullivan

Terrence ('66) and Sheila Sullivan

Timothy ('70) and Jane Sullivan

James ('96) and Ranae Sunny

Robin Sunny

Sarah A. Sutton

Thomas ('65) and Judy ('65 Schadler) Syke

Phil and Carrie Sykes

Gladys Tebbe

Jane M. Tebbe

John F. Ternes ('68)

Shelly and Brad Theisen

Marianne ('65 Farrey) and Wayne Tiffany

Kathy Tilkes

Joseph Tilp

Kathleen and Jeff Tracy

James ('65) and Marie Trannel

Donald and Pat Trumm

Delbert and Jan Tucker

John ('67) and Debra Tully

Wayne Turnis

John and Patti Uhal

Leonard and Susan Uhal

David and Beverly Unsen

Joseph J. Utzig

Patrick and Patricia Veneziano

Colleen and Wayne Venter

Joseph and Caren Vogt

Ronald and Mary Vonnahme

Richard J. Vorwald ('63)

Julie and Jeff Voss

Voss Pest Control

Kim M. Vyverberg ('81)

Kathleen ('77 DeBo) and Bradley Waggoner

Greg and Diane Wagner

Clement and Judith Walleser

Edward ('76) and Cheri Walsh

Terese and David Walters

Francis and Sheila Ward

Douglas and Jodi Warden

Homer Weber

Nathan Weber

Vincent T. Weber

Kathleen ('78 Kean) and Alan Wedig

David* and Mary Beth Weiland

Karen J. Weiner ('73)

Kim and James Weinschenk

Sister Catherine Weisensel

Ronald and Sheila Wetjen

Jeanne ('61 Wagner) and John Weydert

Mary T. Whalen

Michael and Karen Whalen

Daniel White

James ('80) White and Laurie Leonard-White

Ruthann ('86 Oberfoell) and James White

Donald and Delores Wiederholt

Melvin and Marlene Wilgenbusch

Mary Ann Winter

Brenda and Robert Wise

Chad and Laura Witthoeft

John and Sharon Wolfe

Marlene and John Woller

Diane ('82 Danner) and James Wuebker

Doris and Derl Wuertzer

Travis Zajac and Shannon Becker-Zajac

Valerie and Thomas Zalaznik

Karen and Donald Zillig





Thank you! Our mission wouldn't be possible without you.


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    • St. Patrick
    • St. Raphael Cathedral

The success that we have experienced over the years is directly tied to our generous supporters and the parishes of our faith community that provide vital support for our schools. As we continue to work to provide our students with the best possible Catholic education, please know that we are grateful for the many ways that you make Holy Family Catholic Schools better.

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