2020-2021 Transportation 

As we continue to solidify plans for the 2020-2021 transition, this page will serve as a resource for up-to-date information regarding transportation:

Site-to-Site Transporation Plan

Holy Family Catholic Schools has partnered with Dubuque Community School District to offer Holy Ghost and St. Anthony families a transportation option for getting to and from St. Columbkille and Resurrection elementary schools. Site-to-site transportation will run five days a week, on the same schedule. Pick-up and drop-off times will be adjusted for late starts and early releases. The following guidance will be in place for the upcoming school year and will allow us to safely accommodate the needs of your children.

AM Drop-Off Guidance:
Holy Ghost and St. Anthony will be considered AM bus stops that will be supervised by a school official fifteen minutes prior to departure. We encourage parents to keep their children in the car while waiting for the bus to support physical distancing. However, if this is not possible, please make sure your child is equipped with proper weather-ready wear and a face mask. Children will not be allowed in the building during drop-off unless prior arrangements have been made for additional paid AM childcare.
Note: Breakfast will be provided at the school of attendance.

PM Pick-Up Guidance:
Children who will be riding the site-to-site PM bus will be supervised at no cost within the school. When children are dropped off at their PM bus stop, the expectation is for families to pick up their child immediately. A supervisor will be on-hand to assist for up to fifteen minutes after drop-off to accommodate unforeseen needs. Children will not be allowed in the buildings at drop-off sites unless prior arrangements have been made for additional paid childcare.

Holy Family will continue to provide updates on site-to-site transportation arrangements. All other transportation-related questions and concerns will be addressed by the Dubuque Community School District Transportation Department: 563-552-3035.

Transportation Reimbursement Information

Iowa Code Chapter 285 provides parents or legal guardians of public or non-public school students transportation reimbursement if school bus service is not provided to eligible students.  In general, school bus transportation will be provided to public or nonpublic elementary school students (K through 8), who live over two miles from the non-public school of your choice. The distance requirement is over three miles for high school students (9 through 12).

This Transportation Reimbursement Form includes more information.  If you have questions about your family's eligibility for transportation services or reimbursement, please contact the Dubuque Community School District transportation department, directly, at 563-552-3035.

Transportation FAQs

We will continue adding to and updating this Q&A section as developments occur and as new information becomes available.  If you have additional questions, please submit them via the form below.

Questions regarding site-to-site transportation:

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Transportation FAQ

2020-2021 Elementary Transition Resources

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