Mazzuchelli Parent Association

The Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School Parent Association is a parent-run organization that coordinates activities to support the school. The parent association promotes fellowship through school-sponsored events, by recognizing and appreciating students and teachers, and by providing financial support for the school.

All parents, guardians, faculty and other interested persons are welcome to be members of the Mazzuchelli parent association. A suggested donation of $30 is included on the one check form during the registration process.

Parent Association Board

The parent association board is comprised of 10–12 individuals that form a steering committee. The board includes a president, treasurer, secretary and committee chairs. The parent association board reports directly to the Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School principal.

2019/2020 Mazzuchelli PA Board Members

Melissa Pape President
Janet Kamentz Secretary
Amy Freund Treasurer

2019/2020 Mazzuchelli PA Committee Chairs

Kelley Schiesl MazzMUDDER
Katie Smith Apparel
Chrissy and Mike Hultman New Family Outreach
Cindi Haugen Winter Recruitment/Fine Arts Event
Jenny Spahn Staff Christmas Gifts
Amy Van Otterloo Concession Sales
Jenny Spahn Conference Meals
Barb Cox Conference Meals
Cindi Haugen Catholic Schools Week
Liz Pregler Teacher Appreciation