PowerSchool and School Notifications

PowerSchool is an online portal for storing and tracking student information, such as grades, attendance and demographic data, in real time. When an instructor or parent updates student information in PowerSchool, that information is immediately available to the school, central office, parents and students anywhere and anytime an Internet connection is available.

How We Use PowerSchool

  1. eRegistration: As part of registration before each school year begins, we request that all parents create an account or update an existing account with current student data.
  2. Grades and Reporting: At the end of each semester (or trimester at the middle school), we distribute student report cards electronically. Instructors, parents and students can also check in on grades, attendance and student information anytime throughout the year.
  3. School Notifications: In the event of a weather closing or emergency, Holy Family can send notifications to parents through SwiftK12 via landline or cell phone, email, and text message using the information you provide in PowerSchool. Please remember to update your PowerSchool account if your contact information changes.

SwiftK12 (School Notifications)

Using SwiftK12, Holy Family will notify parents of schedule changes and emergencies via landline or cell phone and text messages. Email is used for the same purpose, in addition to sending bulletins and event reminders. If you would like to change your alert format(s) for future weather-related schedule changes, please log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and follow these instructions to update your alert preferences.

How to Set Your Notification Preferences

  1. Log in to PowerSchool.
  2. Click "SwiftReach SwiftK12" in the left navigation bar.
  3. Use the "Preferences by Message Type" drop-down to select which channels you prefer to receive messages.
  4. Use the "Preferences by Contact Field" to set the landline or cell phone number and email addresses at which you wish to receive messages. (Please read the Helpful Notes, right, before making your selections.)
  5. We do not currently specify Message Category. To ensure that you receive all important messages, please do not use the Preferences by Message Category menu.

Helpful Notes:

Text: All parents have to opt-in to text messaging, as individual contract rates apply.

Phone: All accounts are automatically set to receive phone calls using the phone numbers provided by parents. Parents may opt out of phone calls, but we encourage parents to sign up for at least one of the phone or text options as this is the fastest way to communicate in the event of an emergency.

Email: You may opt out of emails from Holy Family, but this is discouraged. Not only are emails used for bulletins and event reminders, but they are also used to send report cards and emergency and weather closing notifications.

Why Am I Not Receiving Emails?

First, make sure your PowerSchool account indicates correct contact information. If you ever opted out of an email message that we sent, you need to contact the Holy Family information technology department at (563) 582-5456, Ext. 270, or powerschool@holyfamilydbq.org to have this option reset. Finally, make sure emails are not being sent to your spam filter and add us to your address book.