About Mazzuchelli

Mazzuchelli is proununced Maht-zoo-kel-e.
Our namesake is Italian-born Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, who worked in Dubuque in 1835 and created St. Raphael’s Cathedral as well as the first Catholic school in Dubuque (inside St. Raphael). He was a scientist, architect and engineer.


At Mazzuchelli, we’re focused on delivering exceptional programs that not only prepare students in grades 6–8 for the next level, but that challenge their curiosity and expectations. We offer personalized learning to meet the needs of every child from special needs to talented and gifted. Our strong, dynamic faculty members form relationships with students through one-to-one mentoring, helping to identify individual motivators, and supporting personal and academic goals to help ensure each child excels.

Faith and Service

Core Christian values are universal, which is why students of many faiths attend Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School and benefit from daily lessons in faith, character, responsibility and respect taught in religion courses and also exemplified in our daily philosophy. Students are taught the importance and value of serving their peers, their families, and their faith and civic communities.


Through a caring and secure environment, Mazzuchelli's middle school philosophy ensures that all students experience challenge and success, helping to ease the transition from elementary to the more independent high school structure.

Through individual mentoring and mentor group projects, students build great relationships with teachers and a sense of "team" among peers. There's also an overall attitude of respect between all students and staff in our building that hardly goes unnoticed.

Exploratories and Extracurriculars

Because we’re on a trimester calendar, students are exposed to additional subject areas and also have opportunities to identify and develop their diverse interests through exploratory and extracurricular options. Exploratory classes, which are nongraded, academically-based courses, occur as part of the regular daily schedule and allow students to explore unique topics. Extracurricular activities are offered outside of the regular school day.


Our school system is focused on providing students an education relevant to preparing them for a 21st-century marketplace, and our programs at Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School reflect that. Right away, you’ll notice Mazzuchelli is a one-to-one computing school, which means every student is issued a personal laptop for use at home and school. We also offer our students college-level science and engineering concepts through classes in the Project Lead the Way program and extracurricular options like FIRST Lego League.