Scholarships have been created by generous donors and businesses to invest in our community, to honor a loved one, to honor parents that gave them the gift of Catholic education, and many more reasons.

If you would like additional information or to discuss how you may endow a scholarship to Holy Family Catholic Schools, please contact the Holy Family Advancement Office at (563) 582-5456.

Endowed Scholarship vs. Annual Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship

  • Has a minimum balance of $10,000 to facilitate distribution over time to create a permanent legacy to the donor(s).
  • The principal donation is invested and untouched.
  • The interest earned on the principal is distributed for the scholarship each year in accordance with the donor's intent.

Annual Scholarship

  • Supported with funds contributed by the donor each year.
  • A Scholarship Agreement is written that outlines the criteria used to select a recipient and the award amount.
  • The scholarship is viable as long as the donor continues to make annual contributions.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship recipients are selected by Holy Family's Scholarship Committee based on need and per the donor's wishes as stipulated in the Scholarship Agreement. Donors may choose as many or as few criteria to write into the Scholarship Agreement.

Some common criteria areas are:

  • Financial need and/or merit-based
  • Parish specific and/or involvement
  • Grade level
  • One year or renewable
  • Area of interest and/or school activity involvement
  • Family size

It is expected that students receiving scholarships will be in, and remain in, good academic standing and portray good moral character and ethics.