Holistic education.

Experience a faith-centered environment focused on developing the whole child from early childhood through 12th grade.

Spiritually fulfilled.

Discipleship that is fostered through faith-building experiences in every aspect of education.

Challenging young minds.

Personalized learning and academic innovation prepares your child for tomorrow’s world.


Even the youngest Holy Family students hear the call to share their gifts.

Fostering Leadership.

Our tradition of excellence in the arts and athletics runs deep.

Achieve, Lead and Soar with
Holy Family Catholic Schools

Invest in your child's future in an environment grounded in Catholic values, robust in academic preparation and personalized for every child.

Changes within our society are happening faster than ever and it is impossible to imagine the future in which our children will live and work. At Holy Family, we tirelessly investigate new, innovative ways to deliver the best education possible to your child from pre-K through 12th grade.

As a Catholic school community, we work closely with our parents to develop the best academic plan for your child’s development into a well-educated, well-rounded and productive young adult. Holy Family Catholic Schools invites you to join our community and realize the benefits of personalized learning, a progressive curriculum and our commitment to developing your child’s mind, body and spirit.

"Future Proof" Your Child with Holy Family

Only schools in Dubuque area to provide STEM-based Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum from elementary through high school.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the #2-ranked Spanish immersion program in the U.S. and Canada.

Source: Spanish Embassy

Wahlert Catholic High School has a 100 percent graduation rate.

Wahlert Catholic ranked #8 on the Iowa AP Index, which identifies the top AP high schools in the state.

Ninety-three percent of Wahlert Catholic High School graduates go on to post-secondary education.

What makes Holy Family special?

"We have been impressed with the students from Wahlert Catholic High School. Their eagerness to learn and serve has been welcomed by all staff and departments.”

“Through our high school job shadow program, students gain experience while giving back to their community. As students gain knowledge, skills and experience, Finley patients receive the benefit of additional hands and hearts caring for them. We have been impressed with the students from Wahlert Catholic High School. Their eagerness to learn and serve has been welcomed by all staff and departments.”

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Jolene Koopmann

UnityPoint Finley Hospital Volunteer Services

"On my first day at Wahlert, everyone made me feel really welcome. "

“When I first started at Wahlert, I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect; it was all so new. I went from being in a class of 13 to a class of 125. On my first day at Wahlert, everyone made me feel really welcome. In every class that I walked into people would introduce themselves and tell me that I could sit with them at their table. I couldn’t believe how caring all of the students were. All the teachers introduced themselves and welcomed me to Wahlert. I was amazed at how nice everyone was and I am really glad I made the choice to come to Wahlert. “I also decided to try personalized learning. It was something new for high school, and at first, I had a lot of questions. Once the school year started and I got to try it out for myself, I was really enjoying it. I got to go as fast as I wanted, and I loved it; I didn’t have to wait before I could move to another subject, and there’s extra content if you want to learn more about a subject. If you want help on a section, the teachers are always willing to talk to you to help you understand and give you feedback to improve. I like that they are always trying to improve the platform and make it better for the teachers and the students. You can tell that they really care about each student and want them to be successful. “Since joining Wahlert, I have made some great friends and some great memories, and I don’t have any regrets!”

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Class of 2022

"Sydney will have the opportunity to obtain a Masters degree in 4 years because of her accelerated Spanish language and will study abroad for a semester."

'We want to express the thanks and praise we have for Our Lady of Guadalupe. Both Sydney and Samantha have participated in the Spanish immersion program. As Sydney prepares to enter college next fall we have found a school that is excited to accept her into their Spanish program as a double major! Their professors are extremely excited to have her join their program. Sydney will have the opportunity to obtain a Masters degree in 4 years because of her accelerated Spanish language and will study abroad for a semester. We could not be more proud of our girls and the program. Amazing teachers and life-long relationships! God Bless you all for taking this leap of faith."

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The Rury family

"There are no substitutions for effort and respect."

“One thing I hope my students learn from their experience in my classroom is that there are no substitutions for effort and respect. I don't believe that I could choose one most rewarding part of my job as a teacher. If I had to choose a few: seeing students make progress, seeing students becoming aware of their progress, being able to work with Mazzuchelli's dedicated faculty, staff, and administration, being able to collaborate with the eighth-grade team of teachers, being able to include faith in classroom discussions, and, not to sound too sentimental, being able to teach in the same building in which I attended school and in which my dad taught for 47 years."

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Mr. Rick Hefel

Mazzuchelli eighth-grade teacher

"We're kind of like a family here."

“The size of the school just works so well for everyone. You get to know everyone in your class, and you get to know your teacher on a personal level and have relationships with them that you probably wouldn’t have at a bigger school. I pass people in the hall, and I know the freshmen and the sophomores; I feel like I know everyone here, and I like being able to know people. We’re kind of like a family here.”

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2018 Wahlert Catholic Alumnus

"Learning is a great gift."

"Learning is a great gift and faith development is an essential truth of the teen years. Young people grow in all areas of life during their high school experience. It is a hope that freshmen have the experience of a safe and open environment to ponder and reflect on authentic questions as they live their daily life and situations."

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Sr. Kay Gaul OSF

Wahlert Catholic Theology Teacher

"We were immersed in the Spanish language."

“My favorite part about Our Lady of Guadalupe was getting to celebrate the Hispanic holidays. We were immersed in the Spanish language, but we also learned about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. When I decided that I wanted to go to Iowa State, I started looking into the credit that I was going to receive for my Spanish classes. After finding out how much credit I was going to receive, I thought about getting a minor. Since I am hoping to have my minor before I get there, I am now really considering the idea of a double major while at Iowa State.”

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Chris Wuertzer

2017 Wahlert Catholic Alumnus

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