Eagle Update

The Wahlert Catholic Counseling and Alumni offices are partnering to update alumni records and create a "where are they now?" display for current students. This changing display, outside of the counseling office, will showcase our alumni and their career path. As our students explore their post-secondary options, we want them to see all the possibilities their futures might hold.

We want to hear from everyone!

In addition to the display at Wahlert, we want to highlight our alumni stories and successes on the Wahlert Catholic Alumni Facebook Page, our LinkedIn page, and in our annual SOAR magazine.

While we may share your story, we will never share your personal contact information with the public. Contact information is being requested to update the alumni database for reunions and alumni communications.

Thank you for taking the time to provide an update and help our students!

Where are they now?

Contact Information

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High School Years

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Post High School

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Class Notes/Other Information

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