Is Your Child a Butler Scholar?


With the gracious support of John & Alice Butler, the Butler Scholars program has been established through a $10.5 million endowment to provide greater access to a Holy Family Catholic Schools education than ever before. 


Do you want your child to be known, supported, and personally mentored for college and career success throughout their K-12 education? What if you were told, you CAN afford a world-class private education for your child?

  • Has your child demonstrated excellence in a particular passion area?
  • Is your child a leader in their community?
  • Does your child aspire to a successful future in which he or she can make a difference in their community and the world?

As a Butler Scholar, your child could earn up to 90 percent of their Holy Family Catholic School tuition.

Scholarships are available for the upcoming school year!  To apply, complete the revised FACTS application by the first-round deadline of April 15. The Butler's Scholars application has been included within the existing FACTS application, so there are no additional steps to apply!