Kindergarten Preview Days

To register for Kindergarten Preview Days, click the location(s) below that you would like to visit:

Holy Ghost Elementary School – December 4  Sign Up

Resurrection Elementary – December 10 Sign Up

St. Anthony Elementary – December 6 Sign Up

Our Lady of Guadalupe Spanish Immersion – December 10-11 Sign Up

St. Columbkille Elementary – December 6 Sign Up


During your visit, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with the school principal to discuss your child’s educational background and experiences and learn about the school’s focus on maximizing each individual child’s potential;
  • Tour the elementary site(s) of your choice while getting answers to your in-depth questions about enrolling your child in kindergarten;
  • Visit with a parent whose child has been in kindergarten at the school and learn why 100 percent of new kindergarten parents surveyed would recommend their child’s school to other parents;
  • See our facilities and learn about our technology-rich and innovative elementary curriculum opportunities;
  • Visit classrooms to see our talented and dedicated faculty members in action;
  • Learn about the easy enrollment process, including understanding all of your funding options.


At Holy Family Catholic Schools, we also have a number of priorities for the education we offer to all of our children.  If this looks like your list, too, please come to one or more of our Kindergarten Preview Days to see for yourself.


*  Values-centered.

At Holy Family, we instill values that are in concert with yours and are anchored in the Catholic faith. Through prayer, religion classes, service projects and celebration of the sacraments, that faith is seamlessly infused throughout the school day and gives us a common language for addressing any situation.


*  Academically strong.

You view your child as an individual. That's how Holy Family's talented and dedicated teachers look at each and every child who enters our classrooms. Instead of being confined to a set grade-level curriculum, we assess students three times each year and create individual plans so your child is continually being presented with new material and challeneged to grow each day. When we compare our performance on those assessments, Holy Family elementary students grow at more than 1.5 times the national rate on average, especially in math achievement.


*  Affordable.

Worried that you won’t be able to afford an education that offers so many benefits? We have heard concern that from many parents before they realize how much tuition assistance is available to those who have financial need. A Holy Family education involves sacrifice, but the value that you and your child will receive is well worth it.


*  Technologically rich.

Walk into any Holy Family elementary classroom, and you will see students learning with the help of interactive white boards, iPads and laptops at almost a one-to-one rate. We understand that technology is simply a tool, but it is the currency with which the world works. Your child will create, solve problems, collaborate and communicate using the abundant technology provided in our classrooms.


*  Connected.

You have spent each day of your child’s life making sure that you know what is going on. Our class sizes are smaller and we are in constant communication with parents, allowing you to continue to be tuned in. Add in our very low teacher and student turnover, and that sense of being connected will continue year after year. You will know from day one that you have entered into an amazing partnership to maximize your child’s educational experience.


*  Innovative.

Knowing that your child will have a future that we cannot even imagine, Holy Family is committed to providing experiences and knowledge that will allow our students a leg up on students in more traditional programs. Consider this partial list of our innovative programs: elementary Spanish-immersion program; TenMarks supplemental online math program; First Lego League robotics competition teams in elementary and middle schools; laptops for students in grades 6-12; pre-engineering curriculum for middle and high school students; high school Biomedical Sciences program, one of just three in Iowa; and Chinese language for high school students. What do we see in these—and all of our classrooms? Students who are engaged and anxious to learn!


*  Effective.

There’s success at every level of a Holy Family education, but the culmination is your child’s diploma from Wahlert Catholic High School with the Class of 2027. With that diploma, odds are that your child’s will be one of the 98 percent of the class who attends college. Even more impressively, when a college degree is earned within six years, your child will be one of the more than 75 percent of the class who complete college, in contrast to the national average of 41 percent who attain a degree at some point in their lives. From the moment your child enters kindergarten, the preparation for attainment of these high goals begins.


*  Safe and nurturing.

We understand that your child is your most precious possession, and we take our responsibility to keep our students safe very seriously. Extensive crisis response training, security cameras and limited access to our buildings are a few of the steps we have taken to ensure every child’s safety. Beyond physical safety, a culture of respect and expectation permeates our schools and allows teachers to maximize instructional time.


*  Community.

Your child will not be the only one who feels at home in a Holy Family school—you will, too! There’s a special community that is built when you share stories, projects, events and experiences with other parents who have the same values and care as much for their children as you do for your child.


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