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Families who wish to be considered for need-based financial aid must complete the FACTS form. FACTS is a third-party organization that uses the applications to confidentially reference personal financial and tax information to determine what amount of School Tuition Organization dollars should be awarded to a family. FACTS form is then used to assist with the reconsideration process.

How to Complete the FACTS Application

1. Only one application is required per family. You will need to provide your 2016 federal tax return unless you have a business or farm, which requires your 2017 tax return.

2. Use the FACTS online application.

2018-2019 Tuition Costs
Kindergarten – Fifth Grade: $3,175
Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School: $3,565
Wahlert Catholic High School: $6,100

3. The nonrefundable fee is $26.

4. Families will receive a letter in May announcing awards. If needed, families can reapply for additional aid through the reconsideration process.

5. If you apply for reconsideration, a committee will review your application, and you will receive an award letter that outlines the additional aid available to you.

These instructional videos (in English & Spanish) will help to guide you through the online application:



What is the deadline?

Parents must have all application materials submitted to FACTS by July 13, 2018, for round-two consideration. Contact the tuition services office to discuss the options available to you.

Are Returning Students Guaranteed Assistance?

Financial aid is never granted automatically or guaranteed from one year to the next. A renewed request for need-based assistance must be made by submitting a new FACTS form and tax information each year the student is in attendance. If for any reason your student is withdrawn from a Holy Family school, the financial aid award granted to that student is pro-rated based on the school year calendar.

FACTS At-A-Glance Information


  • Your School Code: 36364
  • Online application link:
  • FACTS call center: 866-441-4637, open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Online application chat hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • FACTS fax number: 866-315-9264
  • Mailing address: PO Box 82524 Lincoln, NE 68501-2524


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