You can afford a Catholic education.

Holy Family Catholic Schools offers numerous scholarship opportunities that provide greater access to Catholic education than ever before. At our schools, no family pays the full cost to educate. In fact, 90 percent of your child's tuition could be paid for through grants and local scholarships!


New Student Scholarships

A number of new student scholarships are also available for the 2022-2023 academic year to families who do not currently have students enrolled in Holy Family Catholic Schools.

One application is used for all tuition assistance and scholarships, including:

  • New Student Scholarships: offered to students as they enroll at Holy Family for the first time.
  • Continuing Catholic Education Scholarships: offered to students currently attending a Catholic school who would like to continue their Catholic education at Holy Family.
  • Holy Family Scholarships: offered to students of exemplary character and/or leadership as well as for contributions to the students' community. These scholarships can be provided to current students as well as new students.

Families are encouraged to completed the online FACTS application, which will be used to determine both need-based tuition assistance and any Holy Family scholarships. To be considered for the maximum award amounts, complete your applications by May 3.

Wahlert Catholic 9th Grade Scholarships

For students entering Wahlert Catholic High School from Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School, more than 40 scholarships ranging from $200 to $1,500 are awarded after the completion of eighth grade. These scholarships are funded by memorials set up by various families and organizations, as well as local business gifts. Holy Family Catholic Schools administers these funds, and all have their own scholarship selection criteria.

Scholarships may be awarded on the basis of academic achievement, participation in athletics or fine arts, leadership skills, or financial need. Some of the scholarships have a four-year duration and are maintained through consistent good standing.

Contact Kate Dean, Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School counselor, at for more information and application details.

Carol Trueg Legacy Scholarship

The Carol Trueg Legacy scholarship provides two $500 scholarships to incoming-sixth grade students at Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School each year. Qualified students are from families that are active in their parishes (as verified by pastor/parish staff). Priority will be given to those families whose household income falls between the 300th and 450th percentile of the National Poverty Guidelines. Holy Family encourages all fifth-grade students to apply by completing the scholarship essay included on the FACTS application by the April 15 deadline.