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Daily Prayer, Community Liturgies, and Prayer Services


Each day, morning and afternoon prayer is led by CLC leaders. Various prayer opportunities are available in the chapel throughout the year. These services include CLC planned prayer services, athletic prayer services, and frequent visits by religion classes.

All-School Liturgies

All-school Liturgies are held at least once-a-month in the Wahlert Foundation Gymnasium. In addition to daily experiences of faith, these Eucharistic celebrations bring to life the mission of Wahlert Catholic: “Forming disciples of Jesus Christ through Catholic educational excellence.” These community liturgies are essential opportunities of worship, providing the Wahlert community an opportunity to pray together and receive the Body and Blood of Christ -- a central belief of the Roman Catholic tradition.

Wahlert Liturgies are vibrant and designed for the faith of high school youth. Students have the opportunity to be involved in liturgical ministries and to sing in liturgical choirs. All students are encouraged to actively participate by praying with an open heart and responding enthusiastically in responses and song.

All-School Prayer Services

All-school prayer services are held throughout the year. The Wahlert community typically celebrates thanksgiving, Advent, Lent, and the Resurrection through these student-driven, community prayer services in the gym. These services are planned by STOP club, and the Christian leadership committees.

For more information, the Wahlert Mass and prayer service schedule (and parish Mass schedules) are listed here. Parents and loved ones are invited to attend these opportunities of communal prayer. In collaboration of faith formation, we ask parents and guardians to ensure their sons and daughters are in attendance at every Mass or prayer service at Wahlert Catholic.