Become a Community Partner

By offering our students unique workforce experiences, community partners reinforce academic concepts, enhance student leadership and help develop real-world communication and problem-solving skills. With the introduction of Personalized Learning in Holy Family schools, our community partners play a key role in fostering a deeper understanding of students’ God-given gifts and sense of purpose in the world.

There are many avenues that lead to a fruitful partnership for experiential learning.  We invite you to discuss your ideas and opportunities with us.  Through a common commitment to the success of our students and your organization’s goals, we know great things can be achieved.

Let us know how you might like to partner with us today!


Become a Wahlert Catholic Community Partner
Share your ideas!
Please select which career cluster best describe your business/organization:

The possibilities are endless. Here are some ways we might partner to offer experiential learning opportunities:

  • Internships: A classic educational partnership that offers help with real-world projects and experience for students that goes beyond that which is possible in the classroom setting. We recommend internships to be 4+ hours per week for 16 weeks (or one semester).
  • Job Shadow: Enables students to observe your employees for a day, in a work environment that appeals to their interests.
  • Apprenticeships: Partners provide on-the-job training and expertise, allowing students to learn while they earn.  This is a new opportunity, and we would love to create fruitful apprenticeships that meet both the needs of the student and employer.  We recommend apprenticeships to be 7+ hours a week.
  • Client Projects: A project pool for teachers to select from based on course goal alignment – offering a student/business “win/win.”
  • Speaker/Instruction: Deliver instruction and share career applications of classroom work. Share your career journey and expertise.
  • One-on-One Career Conversation: Students call, email or set up an appointment to interview you as they explore a career field of interest.
  • Equipment/Supplies: Providing technical equipment may be a unique opportunity to support vocational learning.
  • Facilities/Hosting: Partners may wish to provide an on-location classroom or meeting space for student projects, presentations or tours.