Renewals & Retreats


Class Renewals provide a short opportunity for students to get-away. Renewals include fun and games, Christian life advice, and compelling faith reflections by students, teachers, graduates, and/or other adults.

Freshman Renewal

The freshman renewal is based on forming integrity, building good character, and encountering faith beyond confirmation. This retreat is led by upperclassmen, who provide high school advice and witness reflections on the overview of faith in the teenage years.

Sophomore Renewal

The sophomore renewal is based on creating one’s unique identity of self, and concreting students ideals in the midst of busyness and peer pressure. Through this renewal, upperclassmen share how sophomores can stand for their values, avoid negative peer pressure, and witness to specific experiences that brought their faith to life.

Junior Renewal

Junior renewal is themed on leadership and vocation. The renewal directs students to reflect on their high school future and beyond, specifically how they are called as leaders at Wahlert and in the greater world.

Senior Renewal

Senior renewal focuses on living Catholic faith and values beyond Wahlert. This renewal provides an opportunity for relatable, faithful adults to challenge the soon-to-be graduates to commit to the path of discipleship. If possible, this renewal includes the presence of recent graduates who are living the faith well in college.




The Kairos Retreat is a student-led, four day weekend retreat for Wahlert Catholic junior students. The Kairos retreat is an environment for participants to take a moment away in “God’s time” and raise awareness of the presence of God in all things. Within the four days, talks are presented by adults and peer leaders, and participants reflect in small groups. This retreat is authentically Catholic. The Kairos retreat lands at a perfect time in a student’s time at Wahlert, in a year when he or she is making defining decisions about faith, friends, and future. Students and adults who have attended the retreat describe it to be transformative. The retreat provides participants with an opportunity to bond with their classmates and know the worth of having deeper relationships with others and with God.

This four-day retreat experience was first offered at Wahlert Catholic in the spring of 2012. The retreat is held at an off-campus retreat location. Space for the Kairos retreat is limited to 35 retreatants and sign-up is first come, first serve.

Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)

Teens Encounter Christ Retreat (TEC) is a three-day Catholic weekend retreat experience for high school seniors; an age when young men and women are at a natural time of preparing to make important decisions that will give their lives direction – vocational, social, educational, and spiritual. A TEC weekend can be a great opportunity for real personal growth in a community of love and trust.

TEC provides the unique experience for Wahlert seniors to meet other Catholic youth, from throughout the Archdiocese, who share similar questions, concerns, and hopes about faith and life. The weekend provides seniors the chance to reflect on their life, relationship with others, and relationship with God. Ultimately, retreatants are directed to experience a relationship with Christ, risen and ALIVE today.

More information about the TEC retreats throughout the Archdiocese is available here on the Archdiocesan website.

*The above TEC description is from the Archdiocesan TEC brochure.

Other Retreats

Other retreat opportunities are available with our partnering parishes. Weekend formational opportunities many students enjoy include National Catholic Youth Conference, held every other November; Saint Anthony’s High School retreat, held every January; and summer service trips through our parishes.