Service at Wahlert Catholic is based on stewardship. In Colleen Smith’s book, Catholic Stewardship: Sharing God’s Gifts, stewardship is defined as: “the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor.”

Service Hours Requirement

A commitment to stewardship is a core of the Wahlert mission. Within this commitment is the religion requirement for Wahlert students to complete a minimum of 80 hours of service before graduation. Each semester, students complete ten community or parish services hours. Campus ministry, area parishes, and community organizations help to provide service opportunities for students to fulfill.

Stewardship Day

Each year, the Wahlert community participates in the annual Stewardship Day. On this day, the whole school serves the community, specifically senior citizens, persons who are physically unable, parishes, and Dubuque non-profits. As a part of this service, the Otway service trip provides prayer to kick-off the day.

Servant Cord

The Servant Cord aims to affirm students who live lives of service and emulate the Gospel mission to love God and neighbor as oneself. The Servant Cord is an opportunity to award students who have completed a minimum of 200 approved hours of service by the final semester of their senior year. These students apply for the cord by providing a meaningful reflection, recommendation, and participating in an interview by the Servant Cord committee. In addition to the requirements, those awarded the servant cord should understand the importance of service as a way of life and as a lived response of their Catholic faith.

Service Trip

Each summer, Wahlert provides the Otway, Ohio Service trip. This Wahlert service trip provides service to the community of Otway, Ohio (45 minutes south of Cincinnati.) It is a week of manual service, prayer, community building and fun. The trip is best described by the students.

“Before having the privilege of going on the Otway Trip, I had a limited interpretation of the meaning of service. I formerly understood service as the act of helping others, and doing so willingly so that we might act as God would like. While all this is true, the Otway Service Trip taught me that there is something much bigger to the idea of serving others. When we act as God’s stewards we help other people, but also help ourselves and experience God’s call to community.”  - Logan Manders '15